Taylor Swift Shows Some Skin On A Lunch Date With A Mystery Man

Posted on Thu Jul 24th, 2014 12:33pm PDT

Taylor Swift and an unidentified dude stepped out to lunch in New York City on Thursday, and we doubt this was a hot date (we're thinking he's just a friend or a business contact), but she was definitely dressed to impress in a cropped top and short skirt!

T. Swizzle wore a pair of bright pink suede pumps and carried a yellow purse, and in addition to flashing us a sweet smile, she made a few funny faces while deep in conversation with her companion. We're just dying to know what they were talking about! Probably not cats and antiques, but ya never know...

In other news, we keep getting photos of Tay Tay leaving the gym, but we never see her in spandex and sneakers. In fact, we didn't even realize that she was working out until someone at the New York Daily News pointed out that the country cutie has been taking dance classes at a fitness center recommended by pal Karlie Kloss. "She spends an hour in the locker room post-workout so she can look flawless for the photographers who follow her," a source dished to the newspaper. Can't say we blame her -- and she looks grrrreeeat!


Taylor Swift Shows Off Her Stems With A Short Dress And Hot Pink Heels In New York

Khloe And Kim Kardashian Hurl Nasty Insults At One Another In New Episode Of Keeping Up With The Kardashians

Posted on Thu Jul 24th, 2014 11:59am PDT

We know reality shows are generally pretty fake as far as drama and dialogue, but after watching a sneak peek at this Sunday's episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, we have to wonder how much is real and how much is scripted!

You see, when Kim and Khloe Kardashian squabble, it doesn't seem like they're reading lines -- it looks like they're about to rip each other's extensions out. On the July 27 episode of their hit reality show, Khloe chats with family during their trip to Thailand and confesses how badly she wants to "get the freak out of [there]." Kim apparently has an issue with her sister wanting to leave early and travel alone, calling it "ridiculous" and confronting her about it. Kim asks Khloe, "What's the point in coming all the way out here?"

Khloe's response? "Kim you can do whatever your heart desires, princess. I'm not ruining anything for you. Why don't you go take some more selfies"

"I'm doing it for Kanye, someone that I love," Kim shoots back, to which Khloe replies, "One day I'll be so lucky." Of course, Kim doesn't stop there with the jabs. "Yeah one day," she snipes. "You want to get home to your 50 rappers that you're dating. You're, like, a miserable person." Like, OMG, that's way harsh! So what did Khloe say? Click the video above to see!


Nina Dobrev Posts Cryptic Tweets After News Breaks Ex Ian Somerhalder Is Dating Nikki Reed

Posted on Thu Jul 24th, 2014 11:35am PDT

Is someone getting jealous?

Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder are in the throws of new romance, as it was revealed this week that they're dating, and his ex Nina Dobrev doesn't seem to be too thrilled based on her recent tweets!

The Vampire Diaries star retweeted the Twilight actress' post asking fans to help get a homeless dog adopted, and apparently that caught the attention of his former lady love, because she decided to share bizarre musings on beauty and inner confidence.

"Beauty is the opposite of perfection. It's about confidence, charisma and character," read one message, while the other said, "Life is either a daring adventure or nothing." It almost seems like she's trying to convince herself she's fine with her man moving on!

Not only that, but the day it was revealed Somehalder and Reed were dating, Dobrev shared a snapshot of a poem that read: "I give / You take, / I break / You fake / PITY, / I bleed / You dive in deep / Into my blood / As thick as syrup. / Tell me are you / A mosquito?"

Watching your ex move on is hard enough, but it's even worse when you are in the public eye!


Justin Bieber Teases 11 New Songs Via Instagram

Posted on Thu Jul 24th, 2014 11:00am PDT

IIt appears as if between swigging sizzurp and banging broads, Justin Bieber has actually been working hard on a new album. The Biebs pulled a Beyonce last night and teased 11 new songs via his Instagram account -- and things are sounding pretty legit.

The Canadian bad boy released 11 15-second clips via the social media site.

The posts offer very little info (no song titles) -- we do know from the vids that the 20-year-old is in the studio recording -- but the beats are hoppin'. The "Boyfriend" singer has some slow and sexy tunes, as well as some dancetastic tracks, which are sure to be hits. The only morsel Bieber shared was the tweet, "Great night in the studio."

Listening to the snip its -- it sounds like JB's next unnamed album is going to a be a hot one!


Chris Bosh Lists Pacific Palisades Home For $14.5 Million

Jon Snow And Ygritte Are Together At Last!

Posted on Thu Jul 24th, 2014 10:08am PDT

We love that these two are together IRL! Or back together, should we say?

On Wednesday night Kit Harington and on-again/off-again lady love Rose Leslie made their way through Los Angeles International Airport, and we know the Game of Thrones stars were an item in the past, but it certainly seems as though they've rekindled their romance! I mean, why else would they be traveling together? They're not currently promoting the show and the Emmys aren't until August 25...

Leslie's character (SPOILER ALERT!) was killed off of the season finale of GOT, and while we were bummed to see her go, it certainly seems like John Snow will be around for a while. We haven't read the books yet so we can't be sure...


Jake Gyllenhaal Is Super Creepy (And Skinny!) In First Trailer For Nightcrawler

Posted on Thu Jul 24th, 2014 9:59am PDT

We can't wait to see this!

The first trailer for Nightcrawler has hit the web, not only do we witness Jake Gyllenhaal's crazy acting chops, but we also see his dramatic weight loss onscreen for the first time. Remember, the hunky star lost about 20 pounds to play the character of Lou Bloom, a freelance crime journalist.

Not to get confused with the Marvel comic of the same name, it seems as though there could be some American Psycho-style madness going on with this film. As part of a viral marketing campaign for the film, an actual ad was placed on Craigslist written in the voice of Bloom. "I'm looking for full-time employment. No job too big or too small. I have my own car and phone," the ad said. Bloom is described as being "persistent" and someone who can "work nights."

"I can only approach things from a mental place," Jake previously told E! News about the gritty role. "Like I'm playing a character who's hungry, figuratively and literally, who's driven in ways to do things and succeed at any cost. And I think that defines a generation in a lot of way so I wanted to get their mentally and then have it transform me physically, because I am not one to rely on science as much as I am on just sort of instinct. That's sort of the character."

Nightcrawler hits theaters this October.


Selena Gomez Continues To Make Justin Bieber Jealous With Multiple Men In St. Tropez

Posted on Thu Jul 24th, 2014 9:30am PDT

She must have read the book on how to win back an ex!

Selena Gomez is still abroad on vacation in St. Tropez, and the brunette beauty boarded a speedboat yesterday and was seen sitting very close to Israeli songwriter Eli Mizrahi! While we're almost positive he's just a pal, we think she's doing everything in her power to be seen with multiple men to make her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber jealous!

The "Come & Get It" singer has been kicking back in the resort town with pal Cara Delevigne and rumored new love interest Tommy Chiabra. In addition to soaking in the sun, the Spring Breakers star took the opportunity to celebrate her 22nd birthday and attend the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation gala, which raised $25 million to help protect earth's last remaining wild areas.

If this is an attempt to drive The Biebs back into her loving arms, it appears to be working! When we caught up with the JB yesterday in Beverly Hills and asked if he was still friends with his former lady love, he decided to send a message through the media by declaring, "She's beautiful!"

Miss Gomez is certainly playing her cards right this time around!


Jessica Biel Set To Shake Things Up Next Season On New Girl

Posted on Thu Jul 24th, 2014 9:05am PDT

Almost a decade after the world said goodbye to 7th Heaven's Mary Camden, Jessica Biel is coming back to TV!

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the 32-year-old star is set to guest star in an upcoming episode of FOX's hit show, New Girl.

In the upcoming episode, Jessica, who plays Kat, "the hottest scientist in the world", plays a romantic rival to Zooey Deschanel's character, Jess, during a wedding that all of the loftmates attend. At the wedding, Jess and her buds bet with each other to see who could get lucky at the nuptial -- and it looks like Kat is standing in the way of Jess sealing the deal. Kat or Jess -- who will get the man?!

Other than an appearance on Saturday Night Live in 2009, Justin Timberlake's lady love hasn't been on a television show in eight years. We could totally see the 32-year-old being the lead in her own hit series. Maybe this willl be the start of a second TV wind?

The fourth season of New Girl premieres September 16 on FOX.


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