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Brandon Davis And Ex Mischa Barton Have Something In Common: Smoking!

Oct 5, 2010 04:00 PM


Katherine Heigl would not approve!

Oil heir Brandon Davis was caught puffing away in his Mercedes while cruising through Beverly Hills on Monday... and we snapped a similar pic of former O.C. beauty Mischa Barton - Brandon's ex - smoking a cig in her convertible just under a month ago.

Even though they're not dating anymore, they could at least be smoking buddies! SO hot right now.

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Brandon Davis Narrowly Avoids Arrest Outside Of Nightclub

Sep 3, 2010 10:15 AM

dress pink brandon davis greasy bear hollywood

Brandon Davis was almost arrested outside of Voyeur last night after he began throwing things from his car at a fellow club goer.

Davis and the man were getting into a verbal altercation outside of Brandon's car, when things got agitated and Brandon threw something at the man.

That's when an off-duty cop stepped in and asked Davis, "Wanna go to jail?" Of course, Brandon's reply was "no," so the cop told him to apologize!

Brandon humbly said "I'm sorry" to the man, and implored the officer to give them a break.

But when the officer threatened to call the West Hollywood Sheriff to come arrest Brandon for throwing something (which the off-duty cop said was "illegal"), Davis tried to tell the driver to "leave" quickly before they got into any more trouble!

The whole thing started when Brandon allegedly pushed and ripped the shirt of a fellow club-goer as they were leaving Voyeur. Bad manners!

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X17 XCLUSIVE - Brandon Davis Gets Into Fight With Photog At A Birthday Party

Jun 15, 2010 08:45 AM

Brandon Davis jacket denim ago angry drunk greasy bearBrandon Davis jacket denim ago angry drunk greasy bear bdavisfight061410_07-full.jpg

Brandon Davis arrived at Ago last night for an intimate birthday party just looking for a fight -- as soon as he rolled up to the restaurant and heard paparazzi wish him a "happy birthday", he only had one response: "F*ck off!"

Was he that pissed that they got his birthday wrong?

Brandon was clearly agitated at the dinner, repeatedly hurling the F word at cameramen who were shooting from outside the restaurant.

"Get the f*ck out of my face!" he screamed at one photog while a female companion begged him to calm down.

But Brandon wouldn't calm down and things got pretty ugly when Brandon tried to attack a paparazzo outside of the restaurant, but was restrained by a few level-headed friends.

Frustrated, Brandon can be seen punching the top of the car as his friends shoved him inside and drove off before things got any worse.

Seems like someone needs to go to anger management!

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Brandon Davis Sweats Up A Storm

May 7, 2010 07:50 AM

Brandon Davis sweaty cigarette voyeur denimBrandon Davis must have been doing some dirty dancing at Voyeur last night because he left the club with a sweat-soaked shirt from front to back!

Perhaps it's time to look into botox for those pits!

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Brandon Davis And His Perfectly Thin Bod At Bar 210

Apr 15, 2010 12:18 PM

Brandon Davis jacket smoking bar 210

And isn't his hair amazingly non-greasy and his face utterly not-puffy? Who knows if Brandon Davis really Tweeted those nasty comments about ex Mischa Barton, but he DID start the "firecrotch" fiasco. We wouldn't be surprised if he's up to his old tricks again!

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Brandon Davis Says Mischa Tweets Fake

Apr 12, 2010 02:37 PM


After drawing fire last week for comparing his ex-girlfriend Mischa Barton to a "hefer", Brandon Davis is denying he ever sent the tweets in the first place.

The controversial celebutante told In Touch Weekly, "I would never say anything nasty about Mischa, especially about her weight," the oil heir tells In Touch. “I am pissed that someone stole my identity and started Twittering things."

The most offensive tweet has since been deleted from his allegedly fake account, but over the weekend, whoever uses "BrandonDavis14" apologized, saying:

"With rick soloman. He stole my phone and wrote the mischa comment. Would never speak that way about an ex."

Well, at least fake Brandon and real Brandon both had the good sense to deny it was them!

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Brandon Davis Blasts Ex-Girlfriend Mischa Barton For Her Weight Gain, Calls Her A Heifer!

Apr 9, 2010 11:05 AM


Ouch! Talk about the pot calling the kettle black! And Brandon Davis might want to work on his spelling and grammar as well!

Mischa Barton may not be the same size she was in early 2009 (remember how tiny she was back then?!), but she's certainly not the fattest person on the planet!

After running into her at the Nylon mag party at Trousdale on Wednesday night, Mischa's douchey and greasy ex-boyfriend tweeted the nasty message above, and though he's since removed the tweet, the damage is already done!

She may not be quite what she used to be, but we're SO on team Mischa!

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X17 XCLUSIVE - Jason Davis Claims He Was Given 3 Months To Live, Talks About Brother Brandon's Drug Use And Sexuality!

Jan 7, 2010 04:25 PM


If you found Jason Davis' previous interview with X17online highly entertaining, the second part will have you even more captivated! Not only does Jason discuss his numerous health problems, but he spills the dirt on his brother Brandon's drug habits AND his sexuality!

Jason chatted about how his family greatly exaggerated his problems, whining that no one ever got after Brandon when it came to his struggles with substance abuse. When asked about the rumors that his brother is gay, Jason had this to say:

    "Well let's just say, if Brandon can get crack or coke any which way he can, and momsie doesn't give him money, he's got to figure other options ... Every time I try to bring it up to him, he tries to punch me in the face, so normally when aggression comes out, I would always just assume that people are so agitated that they got caught on the spot so, hmm, I would say he is!"

Interesting! Is Jason just bitter because his family is uh, cracking down on him, or is there any truth to what he's saying? And more importantly, is Jason willing to admit his own mistakes? It turns out, he is! Jason told X17online:

    "I might have had a relapse because I was in pain and I was scared to death - the doctor might have been accurate, but other than that I have never sold a drug in my life, I have never done anything for drugs, I have never done any sexual favors, I haven't shot up, I haven't done any of that sh*t ... I had a little bit of depression because a doctor of mine said (about a month ago) that I had three months to live because of an activity infection and some strange disease I had in my stomach that was spreading and would eat my organs."

Sounds like a whole bunch of excuses to me, but at least Jason is willing to admit he's had some trouble keeping clean. So what does he think about Casey Johnson and all the other drug overdoses that have rocked the news this year? Jason says:

    "Look at all the death - of all the rich families in the last month - let's look behind it, what is the real reason that it is? What causes all these emotional issue[s], what causes all this crap to make someone truly hate themselves enough to have an overdose? Little does my family know, I would never allow that to happen to myself because I love myself - I love everything about me! The world might hate me, but guess what, f*ck you, that's what I have to say to you. Kisses!

Is Jason in denial? Check out the video below to see what else he told us!

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