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Dear Britney ... Some Messages From Your Fans

Posted on Sat Jan 5, 2008 04:17 PM PDT

Britney Spears lovebrit.jpg

Britney fans have been emailing with messages of support and we've decided to publish some of them here:

from Tomas Esparza Grijalva:
Britney, all your fans support and love you, you're the best, please be strong and happy

from Anabel Serrano Gomez, 13, of Spain:
I am writing to let you know of my concern about Britney Spears, I admire much, and even though I am sad that hospitalized.
Your agency is always close to her taking photos and videos, and therefore thought in you.
My greatest hope would be able to let you know Britney my presence and give it my full support of all their fans Spaniards.
Thanks to you.

from Armando Samaniego:
On behalf of thousands if not millions of Britney fans around the world, I would like to thank you for your commitment to Britney Spears.

As we all know, Britney has recently been faced with some not so good circumstances and that is why we, the Britney fans, have decided to start a fan rally that will gather in LA to show our support for Britney Spears. We realize that it will be a challenge to gather fans from everywhere to come out and show that Britney is truly loved and that only the best is being wished upon her.

I have taken the initiative to start this rally and hopefully get some media attention and I feel that you guys could be the start of somethng great.

I am asking that x17online help the word get around that Britney fans will be gathering within the next 7-10 days to show support for Britney. Since the status of her conditions are not available and are unknown, it is hard to set a date and place. This will depend on her location at the time.

This girl needs help, but she also needs love and support, something that her fans will surely give.

from Tony Alvarenga:
Hey Britney!

I Know You're going through a Hard Time, and I Hope you Get Better, God Bless You so Much, Please Stay Strong, and Don't give Up On Hope, We Love You, All Your fans are Praying for You, and Want you To Do good, To Do Better, To Be Happy, You Probably Feel
Like Nobody Can Understand What You're Feeling, but I Do, I Know it's Hard, and You didn't Want to Hand Over Your Babies Because You were Scared that They were Taking them away From You, But You Got To Trust in Yourself, That You're Doing the Best you can for The Kids, and If You Truly Feel Like You Are, they Won't take Them Away, It was a Hard Year For You, But Think Of This as The Last Part of The Test, of the Bad Times, when You're Through with This, You'll Be Happy Again, Your Loneliness Won't be Killing You Anymore Cause You'll Be Stronger than Yesterday (Today), The Lucky Star that Cries at Night Will Be Happy Again, and Will be Ready To Shine, You said *they Want more, well i'll give them More* Yes Brit We Want More, More From the SSS Britney we All Know ( sss stands for: *Sexy, Silly, Supercool* ) And Love, God Bless You and Your Kids, and I Know i May Sound Dumb, But we Love You, You're Great, You've Been the Biggest Pop Star in the Wolrd For 10 Years, and Take your Time to Rest, Peace Your Mind, and Raise Your Kids, You're a Beautiful Person, Inside and Out, Don't Lose Your Essence, God Will Bless You, and Your Gorgeous Kids, And Jayden looks so Much Like You, He's Gorgeous, He Looks Like a Peach.... People Can Take Everything Away From You Brittie But they Can Never Take Away Your Truth, But the Question is...if Your Kids are Your Truth and Your Life, No Power in Earth will Be Able to Take Them away From You and Your Love, You Will Have them Back Once you Get the Help, they're Trying to give You, even If You don't Feel Like You Need it, It will Help You but Most Important Your Kids, God Bless You, We Love You, Get Better, And Have a Great Year, and Remember This is Just a Test, The Great Fall From Grace, But Only The Greatest (you) Can Come Back!!!
God Bless You, Love You So Much!!

It's Tony Babe!!!

PS: the Pink Dress You Wore To The Depo @ Kaplan's was super Hot

from Cristian Rael Allerick Plata Soto:
hello x17online.com we are fans of britney and decided to do this letter to her, we requested a great favor ... Britney fans are supporting her during this difficult time and we want very much for her to know it! all we love her and she must be strong at this moment! we support her until the end of time, no mather what happens, we hope that she recover soon, please britney be strong. We love you. Kindly, fans of Britney Spears - Latinoamerica

from Erika Tierro Alvarez:
Britney I'm a big fan of yours truly you are my idol!!!!4ever!!!!!!and I wish with all my heart that you recover soon and you go very well this year 2008, you deserve it, I love you Britney Spears ......... ............. returns !!!!!! do it for your children and for your fans that you both want and support you are forever in our hearts and especially mine!!!!!!!Support!!!!!!!

from Paulo Ricardo, Brazil:
"We, brazillian fans, are united in a campaign, trying to give just one message to Britney and her fans.
Britney needs to be strong now, and we are sure that with prayers and love, we can help her.
The name of this campaign is 'Respect to Britney', and we're working on it for some months - we're showing it to the local media and to some countries how much we love her and that she deserves a lot of respect.
Our message is in a video - http://br.youtube.com/watch?v=I6z8tnJnIQ4
Britney, don't forget that we are with you forever and ever - we love you and support you until the end of time! We wanna see your smile, girl!

From brazillian fans of 'Respect to Britney' campaign."

Thank you a LOT!
You rock, guys!

more inside ...

from judaph:
britney desde mexico te apoyamos mucho vivo en una pequena ciudad de mexico llamada autlan de navarro jal soy tu super fan numero 1 y me duele todo lo que te esta pasando de verdad me afecta mucho desde que soy tu fan gracias a esta maravillosa herramienta del internet no he dejado de ver lo que pasa contigo eres una super persona y lucha por tu felicidad lucha por tus hijos vas a ver que saldras triunfando i love you britney atte:judaph

from Fernando Quiroz Coba:
Please if you can give this letter to Britney or just let her know that all her fans in latinoamerica are supporting her...we love her and no matter what we are gonna be always with you..please Britney be strong and you can pass this bad moment....We love you...please Britney we need you in our lives you are everything to us....
Britney we support you forever. Britney Te Amamos

from Johan Perez:
britney solo te quiero decir que quiero que te recuperes por tus hijos ellos te necesitan y por ti misma adelante refugiate en dios y alli encontraras la respuesta a todo
un fan que te quiere mucho mucho johan perez i love you

from Yennifer Cernadas Saldias, Spain:
hey guys, my name is Yennifer, i'm from Spain, and the fans of brit we love and support her always.

she is the best, and in her bad days we are here for her.


from Yaiza Gabarda Santagudea, 14, Spain:
Hi !
My name is Yaiza, and I'm from spain, I'm 14 years old
I'm a Fan of Britney since I was 5 !!
And I'm still a fan ,,,
I just want to say that you can be like yesterday ,,,
Go Britney ! You can do it !!! :)
There's a lot of people that still believe in you, like me ,,, !!
Please Britney ,,, !!
Now is when you must be STRONGER THAN YESTERDAY !!
A lot of people love you ! it's true !

Be strong Britney !
Love ...

from Carlos Uriel Brenes Castillo and Mauricio Valencia Arce:
hello x17online.com we are fans of britney and we decided to do this letter to her, we requested a great familiar favor,tell to Britney or give this card to Britney Spears, because Britney needs to know that she still having many fans in Latinoamerica, that would suport her until the end of time, no mather what happens, we hope that she recover soon, please britney be strong. We love you.
Your fans of Latinoamerica

from Niko:
Hi x17online, we are fans from LATINOAMERICA, we can't speak english very well,so..
please, britney need know these,we love her !!!!!!! we support her and she is very important.

from Osito 24:

from Estefania Fernandez Munoz:
My name is Stephanie and I'm a Britney fan, and I would like that you can be give her all the support that his fans feels for her. I hope that Britney can be recupered soon and that she will be the Princess that forever she has. I hope that you read it Britney, We love u and we always be here, for you.


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