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EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS - Charlize Theron And Sean Penn Visit The Doctor Together

Jun 18, 2014 07:15 AM

sunglasses Sean Penn and Charlize Theron suit car shots pregnant sandals sunglasses Sean Penn and Charlize Theron suit car shots pregnant sandals

What was this about!? I mean, is there ANY chance that Charlize Theron and Sean Penn are trying to have a baby? We gotta ask, because it is pretty odd that they'd be going to the doctor together in Beverly Hills...

On Tuesday afternoon the lovebirds visited medical building together, and our photographers on the scene tell us that they stayed for about an hour. Clearly neither of them were in the mood to be photographed, and Sean was very protective of his lady love on the way back to their car.

Sean has two children with ex-wife Robin Wright (Dylan and Hopper), and Charlize adopted son Jackson back in 2012. She's 38 and he's 53, so it wouldn't be totally impossible, right?

Charlize Theron Compares Media Coverage To Being "Raped"

May 30, 2014 09:45 AM

Uhh ... "rape" really isn't a word to take lightly, Charlize!

Move over Gwyneth Paltrow -- Charlize Theron is taking over your role as the entitled Hollywood blonde who can't help but put her pedicured foot in her mouth.

During a sit down with Sky News, Charlize, who is currently in the UK to promote her film A Million Ways to Die in the West, said she tries to avoid Googling herself because, "when you start living in that world, and doing that, you start feeling raped."

Maybe Sean Penn's lady love should look up the definition of rape because it actually means: "the unlawful compelling of a person through physical force or duress to have sexual intercourse."

The comment has sparked outrage on the Internet for her insensitive comments. One Twitter user said, "She should try telling that to a real rape victim."

Zenobia Bharmal wrote, "So Charlize Theron compared Press intrusion to rape whilst giving an interview to a member of the press... she's a hypocrite and disgusting."

Katie Russell of the Rape Crisis England and Wales told the Daily Mail, "To us, it is always disappointing when someone high profile uses that language and turns sexual violence into a metaphor for something else."

We aren't sure if this gaff is worse than earlier this week when Gwyneth spoke at the Code tech conference and likened Internet comments to being in war.

"You come across [comments] about yourself and about your friends, and it’s a very dehumanizing thing. It’s almost like how, in war, you go through this bloody, dehumanizing thing, and then something is defined out of it."

It seems like these two rich, beautiful Oscar winners are really understand the trauma of war and rape and aren't minimizing those horrific circumstances at all.

Sean And Charlize Travel As A Family With Her Son Jackson

May 30, 2014 06:30 AM

Sean Penn, Charlize Theron son Jackson LAX

Sean Penn and Charlize Theron returned to L.A. with Char's son Jackson, on Thursday, and Penn kept his cool, even though the couple was surrounded by paparazzi.

The actor has certainly turned over a new leaf since being with Theron ... remember back in the day when Sean would sucker punch a pap just for taking a photo of on the sidewalk?!

Well it seems he's got his famous temper under control ... and then some. Charlize has been raving about her boyfriend in a recent interview with Esquire Magazine, "Yeah, my life is really good."

Cute, talented actor boyfriend and an adorable son ... life IS good!

Charlize Theron Flies Back To L.A. After Appearance On The Tonight Show

May 21, 2014 02:00 PM

Charlize Theron airport lax sean penn blonde sunglasses

We bet her boyfriend Sean Penn is happy she's back!

Charlize Theron arrived back in Los Angeles after making an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon in NYC, and the actress looked a little exhausted from her flight as she made her way through the terminal.

The South African stunner made a candid admission on the late night talk show that her son Jackson, 2, is currently obsessed with female animated characters!

"He's really into princesses now. He's got a real love for this Tinkerbell doll. Sometimes Tinkerbell has to take a trip, just to give his other toys a chance. Tinkerbell goes to Africa a lot!" she joked with the host.

We think Miss Theron should try her hand at comedic roles now that we've seen how funny she can be!

Charlize Theron Dishes About Romance With Sean Penn: "It Just Kind Of Naturally Happened"

May 19, 2014 11:30 AM

charlize_theron_051914.jpgMario Testino for Vogue

They're our favorite new couple -- and Charlize Theron is finally opening up on her high profile romance with Sean Penn. Turns out they had been friends for years -- we love that!

In a candid interview for Vogue's new June issue, the Oscar winner opened up about her relationship with the actor, "It just kind of naturally happened." The lanky star continued, "And before I knew it, I was in something that was making my life better - the people who really love me can see the effect it has had on me."

Charlize is clearly a woman in love -- she couldn't stop talking about the fledgling relationship. The South African stunner has spent the past few years being happily single after adopting a son in 2012.

The A Million Ways to Die In the West star said she was very content with her life, so that she knew it would take a lot to get into a relationship, "I know so well what I want to fit in my life. And the simple answer to that is: Unless he can make my life better? My life is really pretty f*cking good."

The 38-year-old continued, "What I guess I am trying to say is: A friend kind of stepped into that role, and I really didn't see it coming... We were just really good friends."

Well it looks like that good friendship has turned into a whole lot more. The duo have been lighting up red carpets everywhere, arm in arm. Last week they attended Charlize's A Million Ways to Die in the West premiere in Westwood, Calif. The week prior, the pair made photogs go wild at the Met Gala in NYC. But don't plan on getting a wedding invite any time soon. Charlize, who was famously with Stuart Townsend for nine years without every tying the knot, still doesn't seem too keen on the whole wedding thing.

"Let's put it this way: I never had the dream of the white dress," she told the mag. "And watching other people getting married? I think it's beautiful for them, but to be quite honest, usually I'm sitting there just devastated."

"It's supposed to be this night of celebrating love, and all you see is a couple separated all night making sure everybody else is okay. It just looks like a lot of work."

Well she may not want a wedding but she didn't say anything about a marriage -- so we aren't counting that out of the Oscar-winning actors!

For Charlize's sixth Vogue cover, the stunner was photographed by famed photographer Mario Testino in the Florida Keys.

Charlize Theron And Sean Penn Get Loved Up At The A Million Ways To Die In The West Premiere

May 16, 2014 09:23 AM

Sean Penn, Charlize Theron How The West Was Won

Things look like they are going well!

Charlize Theron and Sean Penn were getting handsy on the red-carpet premiere of A Million Ways to Die in the West. The duo couldn't help but hold hands -- too cute!

Sean was a sharp-dressed man in a sleek suit while Charlize donned a black lace Dior dress over a body suit, Christian Louboutin shoes and Cartier jewelry for the film's premiere in Westwood on Thursday night.

“He’s definitely the kind of person that from afar fascinates me,” Charlize recently told People about Sean.

The film, which opens on May 30, tells the story of a cowardly farmer named Albert, played by Seth MacFarlane, whose courage is put to the test when he falls for the mysterious new woman in town (Theron). Unfortunately, her husband, a notorious gun-slinger (Liam Neeson), rides back into town and Albert must prove his mettle.

Even Dressed Down, Charlize Theron Looks Amazing

May 1, 2014 10:20 AM


She's a gal on the go!

Charlize Theron took her caffeine fix on the run when she was spotted getting coffee in West Hollywood on Wednesday.

The Oscar winner was dressed down in a tank top, black button down and spandex pants.

We're a little surprised to see the lanky star flying solo. We've been spotting her all over town with main man Sean Penn, and the twosome always seem knee-deep in love.

On Sunday, the Milk actor took his mom, Charlize, Charlize's mom Gerda and Jackson to brunch in Malibu. The fellow Oscar winner also accompanied Charlize and her mom to see Chelsea Handler's live standup show "Uganda Be Kidding Me" the previous night. Sean also joined Charlize and son Jackson at a Los Angeles Dodgers game the previous Sunday.

Things seem to be seriously heating up with this golden couple!

EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS - Sean Penn Is Ready To Propose To Charlize Theron

Apr 28, 2014 07:30 AM

Sean Penn Charlize Theron  cartigan baby sunglasses hat car shots

Sean Penn Charlize Theron  cartigan baby sunglasses hat car shots

Is Sean Penn about to propose to Charlize Theron?

Not only has he been acting like a father figure to Charlize's son Jackson, but he introduced his mom Eileen to his new lady love.

Sean Penn took his mom, Charlize, Charlize's mom Gerda and Jackson to brunch in Malibu on Sunday. He also accompanied Charlize and her mom to see Chelsea Handler's live standup show "Uganda Be Kidding Me" on Saturday night and planned an outing with Charlize and Jackson at a Los Angeles Dodgers game last Sunday. Now that's a lot of family time.

Although they just went public with their romance in February, the relationship seems to be getting more serious by the minute. Despite their 15-year age difference, the two actors have a lot in common, including their philanthropic work.

Sean will direct his girlfriend in the love story The Last Face, which will start filming in South Africa later this year. Seeing as Charlize was born in Benoni, South Africa that would be as perfect of a time as any to pop the question.

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