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Dean McDermott Gets A Break From Tori Spelling And Gets His Nails Did

May 8, 2014 03:11 PM

Dean McDermott gas Macy's Nail Elegance

Caught ya!

Our cameras caught secret bad boy Dean McDermott get pampered at Nail Elegance in Tarzana, Calif., on Thursday afternoon. The philandering reality star look less than pleased to be photographed looking less than stellar.

Dressed casual in jeans and a gray t-shirt, the father of four first stopped at the mall before he got his talons worked on at the nail salon. We wonder if Tori knows where he is -- if we were here we wouldn't let that cheater our of our site!

The twosome has been working hard at their marriage after scandal broke that Dean had cheated on his longtime love, even though some critics are saying that the duo have been fabricating the drama just for their TV show True Tori. But we think no one would put themselves through this kind of criticism just for ratings.

On a recent episode, the 47-year-old said, "I have a brain that wants to kill me. I have a brain that wants me dead. That's how the alcoholic mind works and thinks. It thinks 'I'll have a couple cocktails, do a couple lines and shut it down after three lines. You can do that Dean.' But it just never works out that way."

Well Dean may have a brain that wants him dead, but he has toes that want a pedicure!

Dean McDermott Admits Drug Abuse On New Episode Of True Tori

Apr 29, 2014 11:00 AM

At least he's finally being honest!

Dean McDermott comes clean about his drug and alcohol abuse in a new clip from True Tori, and the father-of-four even admits that he cheated on wife Tori Spelling because he thought he could get away with it!

"I didn't think I would get caught. I was drinking and using drugs," the 47-year-old confessed to a male pal.

    "I have a brain that wants to kill me. I have a brain that wants me dead. That's how the alcoholic mind works and thinks. It thinks 'I'll have a couple cocktails, do a couple lines and shut it down after three lines. You can do that Dean.' But it just never works out that way," he added.

After declaring the couple's sex life "wasn't fantastic" during a previous therapy session, the Canadian actor changed his tune as he attempted to explain why he strayed.

    "I was not dealing with things that happened to me in the past. It's not like I was looking for sex or was horny- our relationship and sex life is solid," he revealed.

He really created quite the mess for himself!

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO - Dean McDermott Stays Mum When Asked How Tori Spelling Is Doing After Hospitalization

Apr 29, 2014 07:29 AM

Guess they're saving that for the show!

On Monday Dean McDermott was asked how his wife Tori Spelling was doing after her recent hospitalization, but he stayed silent on the matter. Dean has been out of rehab for just a few weeks now, and from his cheating to Tori's own struggles, all of the drama in their household is being broadcast on the new reality show, True Tori, which premiered last week.

Tori surfaced earlier in the day, and it was the first time we'd seen her since it was revealed that she underwent a secret six-day hospitalization. Though she looked skinny and stressed, she was wearing her wedding ring -- that's a good sign, right?

Tori was reportedly suffering from intense migraines and an ulcer, and a source told Radar, "Tori's head hurt so much, she couldn't have any light in her bedroom. And she couldn't keep any food down from the ulcer. She was in a great deal of pain and was very scared." Hmm, that certainly contradicts the recent report in Star mag that Tori was mixing booze and pills and obsessed with being thin!

Either way, it sounds like she's been having one heck of a time dealing with her family crisis, so here's to hoping she feels better!

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Tori Spelling Hospitalized Amid Marital Trouble

Apr 27, 2014 08:10 PM


Tori Spelling has reached her breaking point.

Tori was recently hospitalized for at least six days amid her ongoing marital drama, E! Online reports.

The reality star was spotted on Saturday afternoon with a pink hospital band on her wrist. Her husband Dean McDermott, who cheated on her last year, was by her side throughout the entire time. Onlookers told E! that he stayed with her for up to 10 hours a day.

Star Magazine recently reported that Tori is mixing prescription drugs and alcohol to help numb her pain. The mag claims that she's also been self medicating to maintain her 98-pound frame. Either of these reasons as well as the stress from her family woes could account for the hospitalization. She also looks thinner than ever following Dean's rehab stint and cheating revelation.

"I can never give him enough sex! He's never gonna be happy with just me," she said on her Lifetime docu-series, True Tori.

She took to her blog to tell her fans that she'll be using her new reality show to get her "voice back."

"I needed the chance to tell my own story," she wrote. "At the moment, I don't know if it will have a happy ending. But I need to get my voice back, and this is my way of doing that."

Tori recently revealed to Us Weekly that she want to make her marriage work for her children's sake.

"You don't stop loving someone because they do something really bad to you," she said. "He was my soul mate, but he completely broke my heart. It makes you not trust anything that's happened in your relationship. But until I figure it out, I don't want my kids to know any different."

Dean McDermott Steps Out With Wedding Ring After Tori Spelling Admits He's Sex-Crazed

Apr 13, 2014 02:05 PM

Dean McDermott Big 5 Tarzana

Dean McDermott Big 5 Tarzana

Now that Dean McDermott is out of the dog house, he's visiting the pet superstore Petco.

The reality star bought a few lizards and a tank to house them before stopping by the sporting goods store Big 5. Meanwhile, wife Tori Spelling took their children to a birthday party.

Dean and Tori are still together, although he recently admitted to cheating on her. The actor was wearing his wedding band during Saturday's outfit. Tori has also been spotted with her ring.

However, their marriage is on the brink of collapse. In a recently released trailer for the couple's upcoming Lifetime docu-series, True Tori, both Dean and Tori break down during a therapy session

"I'm really mad," Tori says, bawling. "I could never give him enough sex. He's never going to be happy with just me."

According to Radar Online, Dean didn't want to film the new reality series, which premieres on April 22, so soon after his rehab stint.

"[Dean] asked Tori to wait a few months before doing the reality show," a source told Radar. "He just needs some time. But she insisted it had to be now. Reluctantly, Dean agreed because he feels this is all his fault."

The site also claims that the couple is only being paid $100,000 for the gig and that Tori just signed on board to humiliate her husband.

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