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Demi Lovato Gets Yet Another Tattoo!

May 16, 2013 07:59 AM


Demi Lovato gotten yet another tattoo, this one across her shoulder reading "now I'm a warrior."

The 20-year-old singer tweeted a pic of the new ink on Wednesday and wrote, "Thanks @BangBang! Album release day!!! #DEMI." The words are from her new tune "Warrior," where she sings about overcoming her struggles and having a thick skin. And of course Bang Bang has tattooed stars like Rihanna and Justin Bieber, and he recently inked a lion on Ri's pal Cara Delevingne.

During a recent appearance at Walmart Demi told reporters, "My favorite tattoo is my feet tattoos," which read "Let go" and "Let God." She added, "It’s kind of my favorite life mottos. Sometimes life can get so hard that you don’t really know what to do and you just gotta be like, 'Okay,' to the man upstairs, 'Take it from here cause I don’t know what I’m doing.'"

We've lost count, but Demi has somewhere around fifteen tattoos, including a massive collection of birds across her forearm and the word "faith," along with the words "stay" and "strong" on her wrists.

Demi Lovato Makes An Awkward Joke About Bipolar Disorder With Ellen DeGeneres

May 10, 2013 12:53 PM

Demi Lovato will appear on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Monday, and after getting a sneak peek at her interview, we have a feeling she might have offended a few folks with her response to why she recently went blonde.

When asked about her ever-changing hair color, Demi tells Ellen, "I do this often … as you’ve heard I’m Bi-polar. So I change my hair a lot." While we get that the singer/actress is trying to make a joke about the situation, no one in the audience laughed and Ellen looked a bit uncomfortable and quickly tried to tiptoe around the subject.

Demi opened up about being diagnosed with bipolar disorder in an interview with Cosmopolitan last July, and she was very candid about how she handled the news. "I felt relieved when I found out. Like I'm not completely crazy; there's a medical reason for all of it," she said. "It's a daily thing; you don't get time off from it. And if I feel myself slipping back into old patterns, I have to ask others for help, which is hard for me to learn, because I really like doing everything on my own."

We applaud Demi for being so honest, but remember when she attacked Disney for making a joke about eating disorders on their show Shake It Up? Back in 2011, Demi slammed her former employer and tweeted, "'I could just eat you up, well if I ate' - Disney Chanel's [sic] Shake It Up…. What are we promoting here? #notfunnyATALL ... I find it really funny how a company can lose one of their actress' from the pressures of an EATING DISORDER and yet still make [a] joke about that very disease."

Disney later apologized for the incident, but we have to ask: Is Demi's crack about bipolar disorder #notfunnyATALL or did you find it amusing?

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It wouldn't be a big deal if she said it to a friend in private, but it's definitely inappropriate for an interview on national TV.
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Demi Lovato Touches Down At LAX After A Tropical Vacay

Apr 19, 2013 08:55 AM

Demi Lovato airport fat tattoo The X Factor

Nothing like some rest and relaxation in paradise!

Demi Lovato arrived back in Los Angeles last night after spending some time vacationing with her pals in Barbados, and the "Heart Attack" singer proved health and happiness are the best secrets to looking good, since she didn't have a stitch of makeup on and still looked stunning!

The former Disney star didn't take her getaway for granted, either!

"Life is too short to not be grateful for every moment we are alive. Today I have so much to be thankful for. #blessed," she tweeted from the Caribbean island.

The X-Factor judge has really turned her life around since entering rehab last year, and we couldn't be more proud of all the progress she's made!

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Demi Lovato Will Return For The Third Season Of The X Factor

Mar 28, 2013 12:30 PM


Despite hinting that she wasn't coming back in a few recent interviews, it's now confirmed that Demi Lovato will return for the third season of the The X Factor.

Lovato said in a statement:

    "I am so excited to return as a judge and mentor on The X Factor. Last season was an unbelievable experience and I really enjoyed developing personal relationships with the contestants and the panel. I look forward to taking my previous experience and applying it to make this season even better!"

In February Demi was asked whether she would resume her role as a judge, and the 20-year-old starlet told Extra, "I'm focusing on my music this year, so it's going to be a lot of touring, a lot of promoting of my album … but I would love to. Obviously, if they asked for me to come back, I'd say yes." However, during a chat with Cosmo the week before that, Demi said, "I don't think I was ready when I started on The X Factor. In an ideal situation I would have maybe waited a year or more. I dived into work really quickly and maybe that wasn't the best idea at the time..."

"I couldn't be happier that Demi wants to come back this year," Simon Cowell said of the news. "She's a superstar in her own right and was a fantastic mentor last year. Even though she can be really, really annoying -- I truly enjoyed working with her and so did the artists. I'm especially pleased she's back, even during her world tour!" Hmm, maybe she was "really annoying" because she was asking for a heftier contract this time around?

Lovato and Britney Spears joined the show last season, replacing former judges Nicole Scherzinger and Paula Abdul, but Spears and fellow judge L.A. Reid revealed that they were leaving earlier this year, after just one season on the program. Britney was paid $15 million for the gig, while Demi earned a paltry $1 million ... we're guessing she got a significant pay bump for the next season!

Kim Kardashian And Demi Lovato Undergo Hair Transformations

Mar 13, 2013 12:50 PM


They must have been itching for a change!

Kim Kardashian debuted blunt bangs on Twitter today, and the reality star seems pleased with her new fringe in the snapshot! Just the other day, Kimmy's big sister Kourtney took the plunge and chopped whispy bangs. We guess they really do everything together!

The pregnant reality star wasn't the only one fussing with her 'do, though! Demi Lovato is no stranger to changing up her look, so it doesn't surprise us in the least that the X-Factor judge spontaneously decided to chop off her tresses recently to a shoulder-length cut with side bangs.

The "Heart Attack" singer showed off the results in a Twitpic, and without the long dark extensions we barely recognized her! Also, we doubt it's anything, but is that a ring we spot on her wedding finger?!

Now that Miss Kardashian has bangs, maybe she can finally stop subjecting her forehead to laser hair removal!


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Demi Lovato Reveals She Has A Secret Half-Sister

Mar 7, 2013 10:15 AM

dlovato030713.jpg What a surprise!

Demi Lovato recently made an unexpected admission during a WBLI radio interview when she revealed she has an older half-sister she never knew existed until this year!

"I have an older sister I've never known my whole life, who's in her 30's. She's my half-sister, but I talked to her for the very first time in my life around when I turned 20," she confessed.

The "Heart Attack" singer didn't offer any other details like the sister's name or whether she's her father's or mother's child, but she did explain how their first meeting went down.

"I asked her, I said, 'Why haven't you ever contacted me?' She said, 'Well, I never wanted you to think I wanted anything from you. So I've just been kind of waiting to see if you wanted a relationship," she divulged.

The X-Factor judge was taken aback with her sister's sincerity, too!

"I thought that was so incredible. So, I actually have three sisters," she added.

Lindsay Lohan should take a page from Miss Lovato's book!

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Demi Lovato Hobbles Around During London Fashion Week

Feb 19, 2013 09:50 AM

london Demi Lovato  crutches jacket Spread Pictures

She may have a boot on her lower leg, but that's not stopping her from attending all the big fashion shows!

On Sunday Demi Lovato was snapped hobbling around London on crutches, and on Monday she tweeted, "I had so much fun on the front row at the @Topshop Unique show yesterday! I want one of everything!!!" We're sure she got a few freebies, but is it really necessary to brag about sitting front row? Sorry about it...

In case you didn't hear, Demi slipped and fell in her living room the other day after her roommate Pledged the floors, so here's to a speedy recovery!

Demi Lovato Hobbles Her Way Into Top Shop Party

Feb 14, 2013 07:55 AM


Demi Lovato didn't let a broken leg keep her from attending a party for Top Shop at Cecconi's in Hollywood.

The X Factor judge, wearing a studded walking boot and sporting black crutches, opened up about how she got injured. Demi told Extra:

    "I slipped and fell in my living room and, God bless my roommate, but she's not used to cleaning and so she actually "Pledged" the floors... Needless to say that didn't go very well."

As for whether she'll be returning to X Factor, Demi added:

    "I'm focusing on my music this year, so it's going to be a lot of touring, a lot of promoting of my album… but I would love to. Obviously, if they asked for me to come back, I'd say yes.”

With Britney Spears leaving the hit show, Demi says her choice for a replacement would be Lady Gaga. Now THAT would be fun to watch!

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