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Dina Lohan Is All Smiles Despite A Controversial Week

Aug 30, 2011 12:35 PM

legs freckles skinny blonde sunglasses smile

What do you do when everyone's questioning every move you make? Smile, smile, smile!

At least that's what a skinny-looking Dina Lohan did while visiting a friend in Los Angeles Monday ... and wearing a super short blue dress!

The last few days have been even crazier than usual for Lindsay Lohan's mom. First, Dina was Lilo's date to Kim Kardashian's wedding in Montecito, Calif. August 20. Later that week, word got out that the New York native is trying to raise $5 million to produce a movie that would star her oldest son Michael Lohan.

And now, Dina's youngest son Cody has been receiving threatening phone calls. Nassau County police have been surrounding the area near the Lohan's Long Island home, but Dina is still in Los Angeles and not back on the East Coast with her sons.

Do you think Dina should still be in L.A. and not with Cody, even if she's in California for business?

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Dina Lohan Nearly Gets Tackled By Her Own Security

Aug 26, 2011 02:00 PM

Dina Lohan dress blonde lindsay lohan mr chow dinner hollywood dinalohanblonde460.jpg

Dina Lohan needs to be more careful while wearing heels!

After dining at Mr. Chow's in Hollywood, Lindsay's mom lost her footing ... then nearly got tackled by her own security guy. Yikes!

By the various looks on her face, seems as though it was quite the stressful moment. See the recovery ... after the jump.

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X17 EXCLUSIVE - Dina Lohan And Carvel's Fudgie The Whale Promote Healthy Eating

Apr 13, 2011 10:45 AM


Dina Lohan was all smiles standing next to Carvel Ice Cream's mascot Fudgie the Whale while the two were promoting ProticaCares healthy eating program in Long Island.

The healthy program has been created to teach kids the importance of balancing a healthy diet while occasionally enjoying sweet treats ... like Carvel Ice Cream.

Dina Lohan, a longtime fan of Carvel, was on hand at Long Island Elementary School to kick off the program. Carvel Ice Cream has agreed to send a variety of their tasty cakes to a different children's hospital or U.S. grade schools every week for the next 75 years.

ProticaCares released the following statement:

    "2010 was a very good year for Protica, so I wanted to do something that speaks to the mission of the company – to enhance life through nutrition – and do it in a way that teaches our children about healthy diets and lifestyles."

In our interview with Lindsay's mom, she talks about bad eating habits ... like eating too much fast food. Dina tells X17online exclusively:

    "My kids eat it. They drive me once a week, and I'm like, you can't eat this. Even those establishments are making healthy choices for kids, at those fast food places, but it's really important to exercise and good health ... and just being aware."

During the interview, listen to what Ms. Lohan says about her experience with fast food while growing up.

Watch the crazy promotional spot for the campaign in which Dina tries her hand at wrestling ... after the jump.

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Dina Lohan Wrestles For Charity In Video Campaign For Healthy Eating

Apr 6, 2011 02:40 PM


After watching a preview of ProticaCares Sweet Treats Giveaway video campaign, we now know why it's not smart to mess with Dina Lohan!

Lindsay's mom and former pro wrestler Bill Kazmaier star in this online campaign aiming to educate kids about healthy eating habits, and the two get into a wrestling match. The reward for practicing good nutrition ... sweet treats! Dina's favorite ice cream company, Carvel, is the focus of the campaign including the coveted Carvel Black Card.

Carvel Black Cards, allowing the owners to enjoy free products from the company, were given to 75 celebrities to commemorate the ice cream chain's 75th anniversary. Lindsay Lohan is one of the celebrities who received a card. Lucky girl!.

Now we see where Lindsay gets her great sense of humor! Find out what Lilo recently tweeted about being at home with mom on the East Coast ... after the jump.

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X17 EXCLUSIVE - Dina Lohan Fears For Kate Major's Life, Source Says

Mar 30, 2011 09:00 AM


Dina Lohan fears for any women involved with her ex Michael Lohan, according to a source.

Online reports claim Kate Major, who alleges she was abused by Michael Lohan, has been reaching out to both Dina and Lindsay for support. We've learned those reports are false.

A source close to the Lohan family tells X17online exclusively:

    "Dina has not been contacted in any way by Kate Major. Kate hasn't called Lindsay either. That is a complete lie put out there by Dina's ex Michael Lohan. Frankly, Dina thinks Kate's life is in danger because Lindsay's dad is a total lunatic. Dina knows what it's like to be abused by that man, and she sees the same cycle happening with Kate and all the other women he's been hanging around lately. She thinks he is dangerous and will continue to spiral out of control while the world is watching."

As for Michael's relationship with Lindsay, the source adds:

    "Lindsay has nothing to do with Michael. The only time she tried to meet up with him was when Betty Ford asked her to. Lindsay grew up watching the abuse he inflicted on her mom and saw how scary that was. In the past she's been agreeing to things her dad asked for and hoping that he'd just go away after she appeases him. He didn't go away. But now she's scared of him and wants him no where near her. If it gets any worse, she may have to get a restraining order against him. She's thinking about it."

The source tells us Dina and eight other people currently have orders of protection against Mr. Lohan. Calls to Dina Lohan were not returned.

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X17 EXCLUSIVE - Michael Lohan: "Dina Said She'd Rather Get Back With Me Than Talk To Kate"

Mar 28, 2011 09:30 AM


Michael Lohan continues to defend himself against abuse claims made by his ex Kate Major. Lindsay's dad now says Kate reached out to Dina for support.

Papa Lohan tells X17online exclusively:

    "Lindsay and Dina are creeped out by Kate's efforts to get on their good side and causing a division among us, by putting out negative things and making up things about me. Meanwhile, selling stories and documents is her only means of income because I am not there to support her. Ask Dina and or Lindsay. Dina said she'd rather get back with me than talk to Kate."

Kate Major recently filed a protective order in Sarasota County, FL to keep Michael at least 500 feet away from her. In response to this filing, Lohan tells us:

    "The only national threat is Kate Major to herself and her father to her as HE led her to her present state of mind ... or lack of. When this case goes to court, the world will see and hear what the truth is about Kate, her father and their relationship. Until then, I hope they both get help. She needs to get help and then a job instead of making up accusations and stories to make money and get attention. It's in her blood."

As for Kate making claims Michael slashed his wrists the night of their fight, Lohan adds:

    "Just another way for Kate Major to make money and keep her name in the press, when she should be in rehab to deal with her family issues which led to her drug and alcohol addiction ... the intervention at Celeb Rehab by Dr Drew didn't work, so what is a broke girl to do. Maybe go back to escorting! After all, she sure was open to everything. Trust me ... I want nothing to do with her. Been there done that and it was NO picnic."

Find out what Michael says about Kate's age ... after the jump.

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EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS & VIDEO - Dina Lohan Asked If Release Of Security Video Will Help Lindsay's Case

Mar 8, 2011 02:22 PM

jeans boots sunglasses Dina Lohan shopping target pyrex farberware lindsay lohan kitchen supplies pots and pans

Dina Lohan wasn't dishing on whether or not the sale of the surveillance video from the jewelry store showing daughter Lindsay allegedly stealing a $2,500 necklace would affect her daughter's case when we caught the famous momager shopping for supplies at Target Monday afternoon.

Kamofie & Co., the jewelry store accusing Lindsay Lohan of felony theft has sold their surveillance video for $35,000, a move which Lindsay is hoping will show the store had malicious intentions in prosecuting the actress.

Lindsay maintains her innocence, but is said to be seriously considering a plea deal which will include jail time.

See the surveillance vid of Lindsay putting on the necklace in question after the jump!

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EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS - Dina Lohan Sun Tans In Venice While Lindsay's Lawyers Work Out Plea Deal

Mar 6, 2011 10:52 AM

Dina Lohan rooftop suntan Beverly Hills

And she wasn't afraid to show off her very toned legs! Props to Dina Lohan for keeping her body so fit at 48.

In Lindsay news, Shawn Chapman Holley and DA Danette Meyers are scheduled to meet with Judge Keith Schwartz in chambers this week, attempting to work out a plea bargain for Lindsay. But there's a new wrinkle in the prosecution's case...

Jewelry store Kamofie & Co. has reportedly sold off the surveillance video of LiLo allegedly "stealing" the necklace and, in doing so, possibly hurt the credibility of their case against Lindsay.

The actress keeps catching a break! Stay tuned for more details over the next few days.

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