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We'll have it for you within the hour ... we got video of Britney with her mom and sis last night with baby Jayden, and we're preparing it in a way that should leave you with zero doubts as to what (and who) you're watching. We're on the case and on the scene! COMING SOON! ....


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TBone :

i can't wait too long

Tiffany :

so who made up the name Sutton Pierce then?

becki :

when is the vid gonna come up then?

cacaballbutt :

I've been refreshing for 15 minutes

hurry up :

ok. I'll be waiting.

Jamal :

The press put out that name, that's why u can't believe everything u read about them.

s :


Anonymous :

Hey dude ~ we know it's a boy. Read TMZ. They have the birth cert on their site!!!

2'ms :

I love it - I love it -
You people at X17 Rock.

I'm going to tell all my friends to take a look online. Thanks for giving me a reason to live!


silvana :


denise :

i´ll be waiting

Anonymous :


We are going to see the new Prince <3 JJ

Regina George :

That's so fetch! Like, seriously. Hehe. Britney ownz!!!!!111111111111111111111111

Melissa :

Oh where is it????????

Debbie :

Other sites were reporting that Small Fry was a GIRL

angel :

um...are you kidding me! a whole ENTIRE HOUR! dear god, i might die within the hour! what happens then? what if i die and dont get to see Jayden/Sutton Federline?!

i'm joking. although, it is kinda exciting, you must admit.

kirsty :

like when is it gonna come up if eva ? ive been refreshin since i first saw it !

Linn.. :

When is the video being uploaded.. I CAN't WAIT !!!!! OMG .. finally.. it's taken so long!!!

linda :


jennie :

oh i cant wiat any longer well mayb a minute!

julie :


perez is an assfuck :

stupid perez hilton was the one who acted like he knew the name! from his site:

As PerezHilton.com was the first to mention....

Small Fry's legal birth name is Sutton Pierce Federline, People magazine is confirming.

The new baby boy has the same initials as big bro Tater Tot (aka Sean Preston).

Cute name!

Still 5 minutes ahead people...

You will not believe your eyes.

steph :

What could posible take this long?

becki :

yay it says withen the hour now so that means its hurryin up

× ajj :


× ajj :


OMG! :

This is like totally an "outrage"! We were waiting for the pictures and then it's just Britney in the "car"? I'm like so disappointed! Ew!

Lindsey :

I like the name Jayden! I think it's better then Sutton!!

OnyxBoy :

I'm waiting =o

becki :

this has been more taht an hour !!

i want 2 see it

mama hot :

where's the video guys?

Lea :

any freakin day now guys...i'm starting to think you've got nothin

mean girl :

Where is the video? It is after 4. Are you just trying to get more hits or what? Do you have the video or not?

susan :

we want the vid plz not askin for much plz plz plz

Anonymous :

thanx alot i have been waiting for this for like an hour and still nothing and i am going home from school soon and i won't be able to watch it cause my computer is too slow so now i am going to have to wait untill tomorrow!!!

linda :


amanda :

the hour is over in 1 minute..where is this video?

Jenn :

They said "glimpse" not "actual photos up close and personal"



Anonymous :


Pan :

Germany, too! ;-)

~Lisa~ :

ok.... what the hell!!!!!!!!!! where's the video????????!!!!!!!

Eric :

WE WANT THE VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!! why do you do that! say that youll upload the video in the hour and after to do nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Federman :

Its now been 61 minutes and still no video - your lot are cunts.
Im told its shit and wank anyway.
X17 CUNTYBASTARDS. hahahahahahahaha

kiki :


I swear, not a britney fan :

Wow, who would have thought people would sit here all afternoon/night refreshing their page to see a vid of brit and the baby... Im so glad I have work to do and dont truly care all that much... but... a little curious

Victoria :

Hola,soy uruguaya,no entendí muy bien lo que pusieron,pero creo que es que tiene un video de Britney,que bueno,Porque yo quiero ver,y que sea rapido.Y un favor,cuando los paparazzi de esta revista,la vean,diganle a Britney que soy la mejor fan de ella es Urguay-Artigas,y tambien diganle que la amo mucho,Y que ahora con su vuelta trate de venir a Uruguay,porfavor.
Gracias por su atención.

Shit sitter :

Where is this fucking video? I've literally just shit in my pants and I'm sitting here in this fucking stink waiting for the bastard to be posted. I've heard from sources that its a bunch of crap any way, hey why dont you send some one over to video me sitting in my own feces , its probably better than the crap you are supposedly going to post soon.

Joachim :

I want to sleep.. Please post it!!
(I'm from Europe, in 22:30PM here, tomorrow school..) Post it!!
Brit (l)


OH GOD Post it NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT SOON NOW!

Maxime :

lol Joachim, i'm from europe too (france) and i want to sleep too but i will not sleep before i have seen this FUCKING video so PLEASE post it if you have it or have you lied ?

smiling :

i'm from italy, i'm tired but i want to see this videooooo

Sandra :

I am from Europe, too ;-)

Please post!!!!!!!!!

britbritbrit :

lol i'm from Swedish

Dave :


Max[brit.. :

Britney ti amooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!.....you are my lifee!!....i love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:......veramenteee!!!....sei la mia vita, puo sembrare una frase fatta ma è vera!!....ti amo!!...

Guest :

Wow, a lot of stupid teenagers who still likes the messed-up Britney. Im sure the baby will be ugly and fat as his older brother.

Joachim :

Shut the fuck up loser!
I'm from Belgium ;)! I'm reading a book right now..
But post it please..!

emily :

You guys suck, Ive been waiting for this all day! Maybe Perez will have it before you!

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