Kylie Jenner Declares Herself A Feminist

Posted on Fri Apr 29th, 2016 1:25pm PDT       By X17 Staff

Somewhere, Gloria Steinem is cringing!

Kylie Jenner covers the latest issue of Glamour, and while she looks gorgeous, we can't even with her quotes about being a feminist in the accompanying interview.

"I mean, of course I do, but I don't think I stand up in public that way a lot. Not that I don't feel things in my personal life, but yes: I do consider myself a feminist. I'm a young woman, for one thing, and I don't depend on a man or anybody else. I make my own money and start my own businesses, and I feel like I'm an inspiration for a lot of young girls who want to stand on their own," she dished to the mag.

The only reason she's "making it on her own" is because of her savvy momager Kris Jenner and her sister Kim's sex tape, which skyrocketed the whole family into fame and thus led to lucrative endorsement deals and businesses.

The barely legal plastic surgery princess also wants us to know she's a big girl and supports herself financially. "I haven't had a dollar of my mum's money for five years. Ever since I started earning my own money, I've paid for everything: all my cars, houses, clothes, everything. I like to know exactly what's going on and I'm actually quite careful with what I spend. We all are as a family," she revealed.

This makes us laugh!


Police Were Called To Prince's Home Three Times In The Past Nine Months

Posted on Fri Apr 29th, 2016 1:16pm PDT       By X17 Staff

A new police report has been released detailing the calls made from Prince's Paisley Park. The report states that 47 calls were made to the police from the residence (which seems like A LOT) in the past five years and that three calls were made in the past nine months for unspecified medical emergencies. The last call was made at the time of Prince's death.

The report also details how emergency services battled to save the superstar after he was found unresponsive in an elevator in his Minnesota manor last Thursday. The 57-year-old was pronounced dead less than 20 minutes after an ambulance arrived at his home at 9: 48 AM.

Jason Kamerud, chief deputy of Carver County Sheriff’s Office, wrote in the report, "On 4/21/2016 at about 0943 hours, sheriff's deputies were dispatched to a medical call at Paisley Park. Sheriff's deputies and emergency personnel from Chanhassen Fire and Ridgeview Ambulance arrived at about 0948 hours and found an unresponsive adult male in the elevator."

The report continued, "They tried to provide lifesaving CPR, but were unable to revive the victim. He was pronounced deceased at 1007 hours."

The information comes on the heels of reports that the authorities are looking into whether or not the Purple One died of an overdose, a law enforcement official told the Associated Press on Thursday, April 28. The official also explained that since Prince was found with prescription pills at the time of his death, official would be investigating what drugs he had and whether or not a doctor had prescribed the medications before his death on April 21.


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Kelly Ripa Pulls A Seriously Passive Aggressive Move On Live With Kelly And Michael

Posted on Fri Apr 29th, 2016 12:30pm PDT       By X17 Staff

Wow -- Kelly Ripa's claws are out.

On Friday's episode of Live With Kelly and Michael, Kelly Ripa made some passive aggressive digs at her co-host Michael Strahan when she brought up his divorce on national TV. Low blow, skinny lady!

In an early segment of the show, Ripa brought up the "Bird's Nesting" topic about divorced couples who instead of moving their kids between one parent's house to the other, keep the kids and keep their kids in the same housewith Strahan and said, "There’s a great article in the paper and I want to get your take on it because I don’t have a take on it. But I want yours. So you’ve gotten divorced..."

Strahan, who has been divorced twice, looked stunned at the barb -- giving a shocked look to the camera. We were pretty shocked to -- that's a pretty bitchy move if you ask us!

Ripa, who just celebrated her 20th wedding anniversary with husband Mark Consuelos, seemed unfazed by Strahan's obvious irritation and just kept talking and talking. The whole thing was just uncalled for and uncomfortable.

The latest insult comes a day after a segment in which a squealing armadillo shot something into Ripa's mouth and the petite co-host's yelled, "I should bring him into contract negotiations!" Yiiiiikes!

Ripa should really learn to take the high road -- because she's coming off as catty and it's doing nothing for her.

We have a feeling now Strahan's probably pretty happy that he's got two weeks left dealing with her. Earlier this week, ABC announced that due to recent events, the former NFL star would be leaving the show sooner than expected and that his final show would be May 13. We bet May 13 can't come soon enough for the future full-time Good Morning America host!



Beyonce And Jay Z Remove Their Wedding Rings Amid Divorce Rumors

Posted on Fri Apr 29th, 2016 11:55am PDT       By X17 Staff

This isn't a good sign!

Beyonce and Jay Z have been the subject of divorce rumors for years, but those intensified in recent weeks with the release of Bey's visual album "Lemonade," which is all about cheating and infidelity. Now, the couple is making a pretty big statement by not wearing their wedding rings! In behind-the-scenes photos from Queen B's concert in Miami, you can clearly see that the Grammy winner and the rapper aren't sporting their marital bands, and it doesn't seem like they're making much of an effort to hide it, either!

In a confusing twist, though, the "Sorry" songstress gave a shoutout to her "beautiful husband" at the end of her performance. Huh?! A lot of people think the pair are punking everyone with a fake cheating scandal just to drive up album sales, so we're not sure what to believe!

There is a ton of speculation swirling about who "Becky with the good hair" is, but we think it's pretty obvious it's Rachel Roy.

We'll be standing by to see how this plays out...


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Amber Rose Shows Off Her Insane Curves In Skin-Tight Leggings

Posted on Fri Apr 29th, 2016 11:14am PDT       By X17 Staff

Amber Rose was all about flaunting her headline-making curves as she made her way into a Tarzana nail salon on Thursday. The star, whose actual talent we are still unclear on, wore a t-shirt that she cinched at the waist. Of course we had all eyes on her colorful tights.

The curvy lady was also peddling her clothing brand Muva, by wearing a Muva hat, and by having her security guard wearing a Muva tee.

Afterwards, the 32-year-old model took her curvy body to the Topanga Mall -- shopping for some more form-fitting ensembles no doubt!

But before the nail stop, the mom of one worked out at the gym -- hence the gym clothes. We have a feeling she's trying to keep her notable frame in peak condition for her new boyfriend, Toronto Raptors basketball player Terrence Ross.

The Muva has been featuring the 25-year-old athelete all over her social media accounts and finally went public when she posted a kissing snap on Instagram.

We're glad she's finally over Wiz Khalifa!


Taylor Swift And John Mayer Have Awkward Run-In At Gigi Hadid's Birthday Bash

Posted on Fri Apr 29th, 2016 10:30am PDT       By X17 Staff

Talk about bad blood!

Taylor Swift might have thought that she was going to have a drama-free night celebrating bestie Gigi Hadid's birthday at Nice Guy yesterday evening... but then John Mayer showed up!

In case you forgot, T-Swizz basically hates the notorious lothario because they used to date before he cast her aside once he sealed the deal. She even wrote her song "Dear John" about how much of a sh*thead he turned out to be! What was ol' Johnny boy even doing there? He's 38-years-old and hitting up a 21-year-old's party. He needs to get a life and stop trolling for a young chick to make his next victim.

We bet Tay Tay wishes she had brought boyfriend Calvin Harris with her!


EXCLUSIVE - Scott Disick Returns To LA After Going On A Bender In NYC

Posted on Fri Apr 29th, 2016 9:15am PDT       By X17 Staff

Scott Disick looked worse for wear after catching a flight from New York City back into LAX on Thursday night.

X17online can report exclusively, that Lord Disick was supposed to be on a flight Wednesday night but didn't make it after partying hard in NYC the night before. He couldn't get himself to the airport so he delayed his travel. A source tells X17, "Scott was not in the right frame of mind to get on a plane. He's really been pushing the limits and putting himself in some questionable situations. He's not in a good place." Lest we forget, Scott was just in rehab in October ...

All eyes have been on Scott and his new romance since the 32-year-old father of three jetted off to New Jersey with his new model lady Megan Blake Irwin, who was sporting some sexy side boob, on April 22. During their time on the East Coast, the two hit up Cipriani's in SoHo before and then 1 OAK nightclub.

We have to wonder why Megan isn't on the trip back? Maybe something happened between them while the gruesome twosome were hitting the Big Apple? We'd imagine Meggy may have gotten tired of Scott's party-boy antics; we know we're sick of 'em! Interesting, too, that Scott has ditched New York right as Kim and Kanye are set to arrive for Monday's Met Costume Gala ...


EXCLUSIVE - Gigi Hadid Leans On Zayn Malik After Wild A-List 21st Birthday Bash

Posted on Fri Apr 29th, 2016 8:20am PDT       By X17 Staff

This had to have been the hottest invite in town!

Gigi Hadid threw herself a 21st birthday at the Nice Guy in Hollywood last night, and everyone from the Kardashian girls to Taylor Swift were in attendance! The supermodel was escorted to the soiree by boyfriend Zayn Malik, and it's a good thing her man was on hand, because she had to be carried to her car at the end of the night. Yikes! The Victoria's Secret bombshell must have one too many drinks now that she can legally do so.

We have to hand it to Yolanda Foster's daughter, because she managed to get some people together that normally would never be caught dead in the same room. John Mayer showed up even though he's fully aware T-Swizz is Gigi's bestie, and we all know how much she hates him for hitting and quitting it back in the day.

Kourtney Kardashian couldn't have been thrilled to be rubbing elbows with Hailey Baldwin, either! After all, they are both banging Justin Bieber and competing for his attention, and the mother-of-three is considering going to some extreme measures to make sure The Biebs is into her. [Kourtney Kardashian] wants to hold onto Justin. With all the models half her age that Justin has been with, Kourtney is feeling insecure. She’s been working super hard on her body and she looks amazing, but she feels like she could look much younger," a source dished to Life & Style.

And then there's exes Kylie Jenner and Jaden Smith. Where was Tyga? He probably won't be too stoked when he catches wind that his girlfriend was hanging out with her first love!


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