Justin Bieber Takes A Break From His Purpose Tour To Go Wake Boarding

Posted on Wed Jun 29th, 2016 12:05pm PDT       By X17 Staff


A video posted by Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) on

He's got a need for speed!

Justin Bieber showed off his impressive wake boarding skills when he posted a slew of photos and videos of him surfing the waves on his Instagram on Tuesday.

We've heard the extreme water sport is hard -- but the "What Do U Mean?" singer makes it look easy!

One of the videos he captioned, "I wanna go fast 45 mph." Justin seems like he's having a blast on the picturesque lake while on a little break from his non-stop Purpose world tour. The "Baby" singer is performing tonight in Jacksonville, FLA. -- so it's likely the boys are breaking somewhere in the Sunshine State. Looks fun to us!

JB and his pals seem to be soaking in the sun and celebrating the summer -- but that's not all the singer might be celebrating because he's finally a free man! After being charged in July 2014 of misdemeanor vandalism for throwing eggs at his neighbor's house in Calabasas back in January 2014, the pop star has finished his time on probation, according to TMZ.

The site is also reporting that the Canadian so impressed the probation department that his punishment was lifted on June 9, which is 30 days ahead of schedule.

In July 2014, the "Sorry" singer was ordered to pay $80,000 in damages to the neighbor, perform 40 hours of community service, and serve two years on probation. The singer pleaded no contest to the vandalism charge in July 2014. He completed five days of community service which, he completed at a homeless shelter, where he performed maintenance and janitorial work. A program manager at the shelter said that he was impressed that the superstar was willing to get "his hands dirty."

Good for the Biebs!

Meanwhile, it looks like Justin's getting his hands dirty in an entirely other way -- this time with sexy star, Nicola Peltz, who just posted a eye-popping bikini photo.

Nicola and Justin were spotted on a dinner date last month at Mastro's Steakhouse in Beverly Hills. The two have been rumored to be hooking up and having sleepovers ever since their ritzy dinner.

Looking at this skimpy, summery snap, we have a feeling that Justin is going to continue to hit that.


A photo posted by Nicola Peltz (@nicolaannepeltz) on


EJ Johnson Admits He Considered Transitioning

Posted on Wed Jun 29th, 2016 11:30am PDT       By X17 Staff

This doesn't surprise us!

EJ Johnson confessed on a recent episode of his reality show EJNYC that he considered transitioning after Caitlyn Jenner became a woman.

"Sometimes it's hard being in the middle, kind of in the gray area in my own lane. Now, since everybody's talking about Caitlyn Jenner and being transgender, people are so quick to say, 'Oh just because you're dressing like that means that you're going to transition to become a woman,'" he tells his therapist in the clip.

"Oh I thought about it, for sure. I was just like, 'Well do I want to transition? Is this something that I would do?' But I don't feel incomplete in that way. I don't feel the need to do that," he added.

The reality star went on to ackowledge that questions about his gender identity aren't totally out of the blue, as he enjoys dressing in women's clothes.

"I've always been very fashion forward, I've always mixed men and women's fashion, but I never thought it would raise so many questions about my own gender," he admits.

He's all about keeping up with trends, and being trans is so trendy these days!


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Caitlyn Jenner Thinks Trump "Seems To Be Very Much For Women"

Posted on Wed Jun 29th, 2016 10:25am PDT       By X17 Staff

Her publicist should be fired!

Caitlyn Jenner can't stop talking about her totally backwards political views, and this time she's singing presidential nominee Donald Trump's praises! The outspoken conservative admits the Democrats are better with LGBT issues, but thinks they are ill equipped to handle the economy.

"I'm not excited with what Obama has done to the economy, to our Constitution, all that kind of stuff. But as far as the transgender community, they've actually been very good. Everybody looks at Democrats as being better with these issues," she said in a new interview with Stat.

Still, she doesn't do a very good job hiding the fact that she's probably going to vote for Trump. In fact, she thinks the White House hopeful is actually for women and the LGBT community.

"Trump seems to be very much for women. He seems very much behind the LGBT community because of what happened in North Carolina with the bathroom issue. He backed the LGBT community. But in Trump's case, there's a lot more unknowns. With Hillary, you pretty much know what you're gonna get with the LGBT community," she added.

She really needs to shut it!


Kourtney Kardashian Shows The Fruits Of Her Workouts With A Sexy Bikini Snap

Posted on Wed Jun 29th, 2016 10:15am PDT       By X17 Staff

Nice faucet, Kourt!

Kourtney Kardashian showed off her hot bod -- and her squeaky clean faucet when she peddled Kardashian Sun Kissed tanning products by sharing a sexy bikini snap on Twitter.

In addition to the bikini photo, the oldest Kardashian wrote, “Sun vibes 🌞."

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star, who has had three children, keeps that body rockin' with almost daily workout with her trainer, Don. The slim star has also been using the workouts to push her brand, posting her sessions on Snapchat and talking about her fitness on her app.

In addition to working out, Kourtney says that switching up her diet and consuming only gluten-free and organic products has also helped her stay so trim. The on-the-go mom also says she works out with Khloe on the reg, using Bosu balance balls while exercising and also the sisters say they switch things up by working out outside on Kourtney’s tennis court.

As for her morning diet, Kourtney says she credits clarified butter, writing, “Ghee is the first thing I put in my body every morning. I take one big teaspoon of ghee every morning and melt it on the stove in a pan and drink it out of a cute little ceramic white cup. After I take it, I don't eat anything for 20 minutes, and then I drink a glass of water before eating food.”

It looks like the whole thing is working in her favor -- and we assume in Scott Disick's favor too -- because they are so obviously hooking up again!


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Calvin Harris Tries To Get Over Taylor Swift With A Bevy Of Beauties On A Yacht In Mexico

Posted on Wed Jun 29th, 2016 9:50am PDT       By X17 Staff

This just reeks of desperation!

Calvin Harris took to Snapchat yesterday to document himself partying on yacht in Mexico with a bunch of scantily-clad brunette beauties, and if he thinks this is going to make his ex Taylor Swift jealous, he's wrong!

While T-Swizz is galavanting around Europe with new boyfriend Tom Hiddleston, the Scottish DJ is doing his best to mend his broken heart with the company of some random chicks.

We happen to think the EDM superstar is better off without the "Bad Blood" songstress, though. Unless he wanted to live a life of baking cookies and playing with cats, he should be thanking Tom for doing him a favor!


Kim Kardashian Shows Off Her Boobs For The GQ Party

Posted on Wed Jun 29th, 2016 9:10am PDT       By X17 Staff

Kim Kardashian is going out — and she wants the world to know, and she’s definitely going to let it show!

The 35-year-old reality star, who recently shed the pounds, showed off her fit form on Tuesday when she went to GQ magazine’s party in Los Angeles.

Kanye West’s lady love paled around with Larsa Pippen and Carla DiBello, as well as Chrissy Teigen and Kourtney Kardashian.

Kimbo of course wanted all eyes on her and made sure that happened when she outfitted herself in a black, skin-tight cleavage-baring top and leather skirt. Meow!

The mother of two posted a racy snap with the caption, “I’m going out tonight, it’s going down."

Looks it did go down! The reality star and her lady friends looked like they had a glamorous time being super fabulous -- sounds like another night in the life of Kim Kardashian!


Report: Selma Blair Was Three Years Sober Before Her In-Flight Meltdown

Posted on Wed Jun 29th, 2016 8:50am PDT       By X17 Staff

What a mortifying relapse.

Selma Blair was sober for three years before her recent in-flight meltdown, Life & Style reports. In fact, she only began drinking during that trip to Cancun with ex Jason Bleick and son Arthur.

In case you missed it, Blair was returning from her vacay when she drank lots of wine during the flight and was seen mixing some sort of medication with her alcohol. She then became belligerent and screamed "He burns my private parts. He won't let me eat or drink. He beats me. He's going to kill me." A pilot radioed ahead to ground crew to have EMTs on hand as soon as they landed, whereby medical personnel boarded the plane and carried Blair off on a stretcher.

Following her episode, the Cruel Intentions star released a statement.

"I made a big mistake yesterday. After a lovely trip with my son and his dad, I mixed alcohol with medication, and that caused me to black out and led me to say and do things that I deeply regret. My son was with his dad asleep with his headphones on, so there is that saving grace. I take this very seriously, and I apologize to all of the passengers and crew that I disturbed and am thankful to all of the people who helped me in the aftermath. I am a flawed human being who makes mistakes and am filled with shame over this incident. I am truly very sorry," she explained to Vanity Fair.

The troubled actress reportedly suffers from depression and made the decision to abstain from alcohol in order to be a better parent to her son. "Yes, she has problems, but that kid is her life," the source added.

We hope she gets the help she needs!


Report: Iggy Azalea Broke Off Engagement To Nick Young After Learning His Ex Is Four Months Pregnant With His Baby

Posted on Wed Jun 29th, 2016 8:04am PDT       By X17 Staff

Wow... just wow.

Iggy Azalea called off her engagement to Nick Young earlier this month, and now we're learning that she didn't have much of a choice, because he impregnanted his ex-girlfriend and baby mama Keonna Green!

"Nick waited until Keonna was four months pregnant to tell Iggy the news," a source dished to Life & Style, adding that the hoopster "said he was drunk and had a lapse in judgment.” Young and Green already share 4-year-old son Nick Jr.

The Lakers star attempted to salvage his relationship with the "Fancy" songstress but she wasn't having it.

“He said it was a one-night stand and will never happen again. But it’s too late. He is having another son!” the source added. "Iggy seemed to blow everything off. This is something she can’t ignore, and it ruined their future together," the insider revealed, in reference to Young's prior cheating scandal earlier this year.

Iggy is better off without this idiot!


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