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A Bearded Liam Hemsworth Beefs Up At The Gym

Apr 16, 2013 06:15 AM

Liam Hemsworth tank top miley cyrus work out shorts beard

It seems like the shorter Miley Cyrus' hair gets, the longer Liam Hemsworth's beard grows! Maybe miss Miley prefers her fiance with a little extra scruff?

Liam hit the gym in Hollywood on Monday afternoon, and we haven't seen him with Miles since he returned to the states last month. According to Life & Style, the lovebirds are still together, but they've postponed their wedding. "They were supposed to get married in June. But there have been so many problems with them, they thought it was best to work out their issues before making such a big commitment," a source told the mag last week.

All Miley's been tweeting about lately are her new songs, and after partying it up in Miami last week, we're not sure what to think of their relationship. Think all's well with these two?

And speaking of her music, Miley's new track with Will.i.am, "Fall Down," leaked last night ... check it out below and let us know what you think!

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EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS - Liam Keeps His Car At Miley's House Despite Breakup Rumors

Mar 15, 2013 08:30 AM


Does this mean there's still hope for Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth?!

After reports surfaced that Liam cheated on Miley with January Jones at a pre-Oscar bash last month, the Hunger Games hunk left for Australia to give his fiancee some space. Liam was spotted at Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila, Philippines today to promote a clothing line he endorses, but while he's been gone his vintage teal Mach 1 Mustang has been sitting in the driveway of Miley's Toluca Lake mansion. Surely he has his own garage space, and if Miley and Liam were REALLY broken up, do you think she'd let him keep his ride there? Nope ... she'd probably be pulling a Carrie Underwood and vandalizing the crap out of it!

“[Miley and Liam] have been a bit rocky, but are not giving up,” a source told E! News the other day. “They both want it to work.” Seems like that could be right! But will things ever be the same between the lovebirds?

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Miley's Mystery Man Identified!

Mar 8, 2013 02:08 PM


Miley Cyrus' mystery man -- the guy she partied with last night and drove home with in her Porsche Cayenne -- is a boy named Paul Khoury, from her gang of friends.

Could Paul be Miley's revenge date after reports fiance Liam Hemsworth hooked up with January Jones surfaced earlier this week? Or was last night's outing just two friends, innocently hanging out ... without Liam?

We know Paul went to Palm Springs with Miley and Liam and a gaggle of friends last September but we haven't spotted the New Jersey native with Mr. and Mrs. Cyrus in our own archive of X17 pix.

And of course you'd expect Miley to address the whole thing on Twitter, 'cause you KNOW she's seen our story and our photos today. And she did! Well, we think she did ... kinda ...

    “Your soul can fly outward stringed to your ribcage like a shimmering kite in the shape of an open hand.” - JEFF BUCKLEY


Meanwhile, Liam's in Australia, having jetted off to his home country a couple weeks ago to give Miley some breathing room, according to People.com.

"Miley is still upset with Liam. She took off the ring to make him mad," a source tells the mag. BUT, "It doesn't mean that they have split. Miley says they are still together."

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Do you think Miley and Paul are just friends or more?

Miley probably wanted to have a fun night with friends amid all the gossip about Liam.
Maybe Miley needed someone to comfort her - and Paul was there ... Cozy up!
MIley and Liam are obviously on the outs but who know where Paul fits in.
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Report: January Jones "Made Out" With Miley's Fiance Liam Hemsworth At Pre-Oscar Party

Mar 6, 2013 09:30 AM


Say it isn't so!

Miley Cyrus' fiance Liam Hemsworth has apparently betrayed his lady love with none other than January Jones!

The Hunger Games actor and the Mad Men actress got cozy at a Grey Goose pre-Oscar bash, according to Life & Style.

The pair supposedly enjoyed a steamy makeout sesh!

"They went to a private house party, and right in the middle of the party, January was clinging to Liam, saying, 'You're so handsome.' He kept saying, 'We can't do this here.' Then they left holding hands and went out in the hallway and were making out. She was wasted. It wasn't good," a source tells the mag.

So how does the Hannah Montana star feel about the rumored infidelity?

"Miley is freaking out. She's been telling her friends that she trusts him but if she finds out the cheating claims are true, the engagement is over," the source adds.

This doesn't sound good!

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Did Liam Hemsworth Cheat On Miley Cyrus With January Jones?

Feb 27, 2013 12:45 PM

We were wondering why Miley Cyrus rolled solo to the Elton John Oscar viewing party the other night!

While there are always rumors that she's on the rocks with fiance Liam Hemsworth, after watching this video of Liam and January Jones together at a pre-Oscar party over the weekend, we have to wonder if there might be some truth to it this time.

The 23-year-old Hunger Games hottie and the 35-year-old Mad Men beauty reportedly got "hot and heavy" at the Chateau Marmont last weekend in West Hollywood, and they were even photographed leaving in the same car!

It looked like they had some hot chemistry,” an eyewitness at the event tells Star Magazine. “They were all over each other – and they even kissed!”

“Liam got January’s coat and helped her put it on, then they headed outside. They made sure to leave a few seconds apart, so they wouldn’t attract too much attention. Then they jumped into a waiting car and took off,” the source added.

According to another source for the mag, Miley “was all over the place” at Elton John’s bash the next night. “She certainly gave off the impression that she’s single. Someone even asked her how Liam was doing, and she said she doesn’t care how he’s doing!”

Miley was also acting unattached earlier this month at New York Fashion Week. ”She was flirting with every guy and girl in sight, especially the models,” an insider tells the mag. “Miley is not the girl Liam fell in love with. She’s turned into an embarrassment."

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Did Liam Hemsworth Cheat On Fiancee Miley Cyrus With January Jones?

No way!
I don't want to believe it, but why else would he be getting in a car with January?!
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Liam Hemsworth Shops For Surfboards Minus Miley

Feb 13, 2013 06:00 AM

Liam Hemsworth surfboards tee shirt miley cyrus

On Tuesday a solo Liam Hemsworth was spotted shopping at Channel Islands Surfboards in Santa Monica, and between shooting movies and spending time with fiancee Miley Cyrus, we're not sure when the Aussie hottie is gonna have time to actually hit the waves!

Liam recently wrapped filming on The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and Empire State, he's currently shooting Paranoia, and after that he'll get to work on Timeless and Arabian Nights.

Of course, we're most excited for the Hunger Games sequel ... after all, we'll be seeing much more of Liam's character Gale in the second installment of the mega successful film franchise.

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Miley Cyrus And Liam Hemsworth Enjoy A Romantic Getaway In Costa Rica

Jan 19, 2013 10:45 AM


Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth started their 2013 with a vacation as they jetted to Costa Rica last week in time to celebrate his 23rd birthday on Jan. 13. How sweet!

The engaged couple was joined by Liam's older brother Luke, his wife Samantha and their three kids as they hiked, frolicked and soaked up the sun in the tropical locale.

Looks like this trip is just what they needed!

Liam Hemsworth Makes A Pit Stop At The Studio

Nov 29, 2012 07:00 AM

Liam Hemsworth  hat miley cyrus starbucks car shots beanie

Liam Hemsworth was looking pretty casual as he braved a rainy Los Angeles afternoon to hit the studio on Wednesday.

The 22-year-old actor was probably tying up some loose ends since he'll soon be heading to Atlanta to begin shooting The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. We're sure he and fiance Miley Cyrus will get in some alone time before he goes!

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