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XCLUSIVE: One Last Conjugal Visit For Paris & Stavros?

Mar 30, 2007 09:35 AM

PHILTON032907_09.jpgStavros Niarchos PHILTON032907_01.jpg
With Paris Hilton potentially facing a trip to the pokey, it's a safe bet that she'll be living every day to the fullest - to say nothing of every night! For instance, she could have spent last night just hopping back and forth between Area and Teddys on the arm of some new twenty-something stud, but with time being precious, Paris kicked things up a notch - with a little help from her on-again-off-again(-on again?) flame Stavros Niarchos!

Our cameraman EXCLUSIVELY caught Paris and Stavros slipping into the Roosevelt Hotel together around 3:30 AM; he left a note with the tape he dropped off that they still hadn't come out by the time he left an hour and a half later. Just what could Paris and Stavros have been getting up to in there? Bible study classes? Advance screening of The Hottie And The Nottie? Discussions on the best way to hold onto the soap?

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Jessica Keeps Cash Around

Mar 28, 2007 01:51 PM

Jessica Alba JALBA032607_02.jpgSay what you will about the short lifespan of celebrity couples, but you certainly can't say 'em about Jessica Alba and Cash Warren - after all this time, they're still together! Could the Dark Angel be meeting her man in a church (or at least in front of a justice of the peace) anytime soon? We certainly wouldn't be surprised - after all, by famous-folks standards they're practically as boring as Ward and June Cleaver already!

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We Interrupt StavrosGate To Bring You The Worst Pictures Ever

Mar 26, 2007 01:26 PM

JBIEL032407_02.jpgJessica Biel JBIEL032407_16.jpgOur cameramen spotted uber-fox Jessica Biel cosying up to some unidentified jerk in a stupid orange t-shirt. The worst part? Jessica actually looked happy to be in the company of someone so good-looking and charismatic instead of, y'know, me. Man - now I know how Paris Hilton must have felt on Saturday night!

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Lindsay & Stavros: Two In A Row!

Mar 26, 2007 11:25 AM

LLOHANSTAVROS032407_01.jpgLindsay Lohan LLOHANSTAVROS032407_02.jpgAfter taking separate cars and shying away from the cameras Friday night when leaving Bossa Nova, on Saturday night Lindsay Lohan and Stavros Niarchos elected to share a ride - back to Lindsay's place at the Chateau Marmont! But don't go thinking Lindsay and Stavros are ready to broadcast their love (or whatever) to the world quite yet - as you can clearly tell from these pictures, the couple wasn't too happy to see us seeing them! (Then again, with Paris Hilton's temper being the way it is...)

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Paris Puts It In Parc

Mar 26, 2007 10:02 AM

PHILTONJHENDERSON032407_01.jpgParis Hilton PHILTONJHENDERSON032407_07.jpgThose of you with long memories might remember a quick mention of Lindsay Lohan hitting up Parc, a hip Hollywood hotspot, at one point during her Friday night odyssey. Of course, it's not like she spent too much time there - as soon as her arch-nemesis Paris Hilton showed up with Step Up stud Josh Henderson in tow, Lindsay couldn't leave quickly enough! Of course, given how we keep spotting the hotel heiress out with the Housewife-tempting hunk, Lindsay couldn't have been too surprised - although it probably gave her something juicy to talk about with Stavros later that night!

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Lindsay Meets Greek For Brazilian

Mar 26, 2007 08:53 AM

Looks like James Blunt's become yesterday's news - on Friday night, we caught Lindsay Lohan out on a secret rendezvous with none other than Stavros Niarchos! The pair apparently met up inside hip Hollywood hot spot Les Deux (Lindsay's destination after partying it up at Parc earlier in the night) in the wee hours of Saturday morning before leaving (separately) only to meet up at Bossa Nova, a Brazilian eatery just down the road. This isn't the first time the couple's been linked, but judging by how happy they looked to be in each other's company (and how apprehensive of being caught by the cameras they both seemed), it's safe to say that this late-night date points to a little more involvement! Stay tuned for Lindsay's second night with Stavros!

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Mayer Sees Jessica's Bosom, Buddies Over Dinner

Mar 16, 2007 07:58 AM

JSIMPSONJMAYER031507_001.jpgLove is in the Air jessjohn.jpgTo call Jessica Simpson and John Mayer's date at Il Piccolino "normal" would be a pretty big understatement - after all, what could make for a more normal date than a romantic restaurant, the company of good friends, and furtive glances at your date's rack? We certanly caught John Mayer sneaking a peek at, er, Wonderland last night - of course, the way Jessica was drawing attention straight to her dirty pillows with her plunging neckline and her suggestive finger-tracing, we can hardly blame him!

(For the record, though, aside from one entirely-excusable peek, Mayer was a perfect gentleman to Jess on all levels, from holding the car door open to positioning himself in between Jessica and the cameras whenever he could manage it. Congrats to Jess for landing herself a good one!)

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Jessica & John Go Their Separate Ways

Mar 15, 2007 08:07 AM

Uh oh - have we managed to split up Jessica Simpson and John Mayer already? Well, we certainy split them up yesterday - when the happy couple spotted our cameras, they headed in two different directions (after a quick kiss goodbye, of course). No wonder John gave us such a chilly reception - hey, man, we're only here 'cause of who you're with!

We've got more video from Jessica's first afternoon back (after her Roman holiday with John) with the paps in just a bit - stay tuned for that!

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