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Miley Cyrus Debuts New Pet Dog After Previous Pup Floyd's Recent Death

Jun 30, 2014 07:00 AM

Miley Cyrus is ready to love again ...

No, she hasn't fully moved on from ex-fiance Liam Hemsworth, but she's starting -- just starting -- to get over the death of her beloved pooch Floyd who died unexpectedly a couple months ago.

Cyrus has been on her Bangerz tour in Europe but now that she's back home, she's nesting with new pup Emu Coyne Cyrus, as she announced in an Instagram post today:

    "Time to start making Emu accounts smilers. Hes here and here to stay. I welcomed Emu Coyne Cyrus into the family a couple days ago. Been keepin him a secret cause sometimes I'm weird like that. It's taken some time to be ready for this next step and loving again. There will never be anyone like Floyd. There was a bond that was so deep it's irreplaceable but that's not what I am trying to do. Never will I replace Floyd and that's something I had to take time to understand. We had a very special memorial service for Floyd and I felt my angel Floydy give Emu his blessing. I prayed to Floyd to just give him a touch of his awesomeness and he has. He is so special and different than my baby Floyd and I think Floyd did that on purpose. But sometimes he does little things that remind me of him and it makes me smile I'm blissed the out right now I feel like this is a new beginning in so many ways. I feel a change coming on."


Miley Cyrus Gets Her Sister Noah Into A Skintight Leopard Leotard For New Photo Shoot

Jun 17, 2014 08:20 AM


Rawr! Except that's a totally inappropriate reaction to have seeing as one of the ladies in the photos above is uh, fourteen years old.

Yesterday Miley Cyrus posted a few snapshots from a recent photo shoot on Instagram, and while her outfit doesn't surprise us, we were pretty shocked to see the pop superstar's much younger sister in a leopard-print body suit. But is this really that big of a deal? It doesn't look like little miss Noah needed that much convincing, and Miley's been wearing stuff like this for a while now, so maybe this is totally normal?

The ladies have been bonding quite a bit on Miley's Bangerz tour, and last week Miles posted a sweet tweet about her favorite sibling. The 20-year-old singer wrote, "Im alot of things. freak. dog lover. Weird "popstar". Flaming lips fan. Hippie. But my favorite thing that "I am" is a big sister @noahcyrus." Awww!

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Miley Cyrus Posts Sexy Topless Selfie Before She Showers

Jun 15, 2014 10:30 AM


Miley Cyrus is fresh from the shower in one of these pictures, but as far as we're concerned, both of them are pretty dirty! We kinda like it though...

Over the weekend Miley took a break from belting out songs for her Bangerz tour and posted some a pair selfies on Instagram, one before she rinsed off ("#preshoweralfalfaselfielife") and one after ("#postshowerinstagramwhoreselfielife").

It's not really necessary for her to document everything she does, but when she looks this hot we're not complaining -- and she was kind enough to put an octopus emoji over one of her nipples so we don't have to deal with censoring her exposed tata. How generous of her!

Miley Cyrus Throws Cardboard Cutout Of Selena Gomez Around During Performance Of "FU"

Jun 10, 2014 11:59 AM

Miley Cyrus bangerz butt leotard sexy perform concert

We don't want to make too much of a fuss about this, but it does seem like there might be some major beef between Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez!

On Sunday night Miley performed at the Forum in Milan, Italy, and not only did she show off her booty in a bunch of scandalous outfits, but she she waved around a crudely-drawn cardboard cut-out of Gomez during her performance of "FU." This isn't a part of her usual routine!

Cyrus picked up the cardboard figure and started waving it around while singing the lyrics, "I don't really have much to say/I was over it the second that I saw her name/I got two letters for you/One of them's F and the other one's U." We DOUBT Selena was the person Miley had in mind when this song was written, but she also had to have known what she was waving around...

What's going on here?! And when is Miley going to comment on this?

Miley Cyrus Lets Her Twerkfest Continue In Italy

Jun 9, 2014 01:45 PM

Miley Cyrus bangerz butt leotard sexy perform concert miley-ass-bangerz.jpg

Miley Cyrus performed at the Forum in Milan, Italy, and as evident from the photos above, she was in fine form. After her hospitalization earlier this spring for a reaction to antibiotics, we're glad she's back on top of her game!

Miley wore half a dozen sexy costumes during the show, and over the next two weeks she's scheduled to do seven more concerts before wrapping up the European leg of her Bangerz tour. After that she has a handful of gigs in the states, most of which are makeup dates from the concerts she missed back in April.

So what's she been doing on her off time? Practicing her twerking with her 14-year-old sister Noah, of course! Miley tweeted, "Im alot of things. freak. dog lover. Weird "popstar". Flaming lips fan. Hippie. But my favorite thing that "I am" is a big sister @noahcyrus," later adding the video on Instagram below:

Two Suspects Arrested In Miley Cyrus Burglary Case

Jun 6, 2014 10:45 AM


They got 'em!

Two people have been arrested in connection with a burglary that happened last Friday at Miley Cyrus' L.A. residence, authorities confirm.

Naomi Charles, 21, and Tylor Scott, 19, stole the singer's pricey Maserati along with other items. They were taken in and booked on residential burglary charges.

The suspects are being held in a North Hollywood jail and their bail has been set at $50,000.

The twerking queen must be so relieved!

Miley Cyrus' Stolen Maserati Has Been Found

Jun 3, 2014 06:00 AM


Well this is some good news for Miley Cyrus!

Over the weekend the singer's $100,000 Maserati was stolen from her home, along with some personal belongings, but according to the Los Angeles Police Department, the car has been found! A spokesperson for the LAPD said in a statement, "The Maserati taken from the Cyrus residence has been recovered in the city of Simi Valley. No suspects are in custody at this time. The investigation is ongoing."

The burglary reportedly took place sometime on Friday, but the police weren't notified until Sunday when Miley's assistant came home and noticed that things were amiss. According to the police report, a man and a woman scaled the fence on the property and entered the home through the garage.

Based on Miley's social media accounts, she didn't seemed too bothered by the incident, but it seems like the video may have been posted before she got the news that she got robbed yet again. We're just trying to figure out what's worse ... Miley's rapping or her newly-dyed platinum blonde hair?

Miley Cyrus' Parties Down Despite Being Burglarized Over The Weekend

Jun 2, 2014 07:40 AM

Miley Cyrus is not having a good year!

On Friday, the wild singer Los Angeles' home was burglarized and some jewelry, along with her $135,000 white, four-door 2014 Maserati Quattroporte was stolen. But it looks like the significant loss isn't getting old Miley down. The 21-year-old just posted a crazy Instagram vid of her partying down over the weekend in Europe. We don't think if our extremely expensive sports car was stolen -- we'd be feeling quite so plucky! But we also don't wear pot leaf-pattern clothing.

The platinum singer captioned the raucous vid, "wtfishappening #wukong." Umm is that English? Ladies and gentleman, that is what happens when you don't go to high school.

A source said, "She's extremely upset and a lot of personal items were stolen. She's really shaken up about the whole thing." Umm she doesn't look shaken up to us!

This is the second time in seven months that her home has been burglarized -- we're thinking Miley may need a better security system!

At the time of the burglary, the "Wrecking Ball" singer was in Sweden performing on her Bangerz tour. The Los Angeles Police Department said that a male and female scaled a fence around 4 pm, in order to enter the compound. LAPD also added that no one was home at the time of the burglary.

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