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Wicked Witch of the West?


These kneesocks and shoes look like they should be sticking out from underneath Dorothy's house! I'm not sure if Lindsay was practicing for Halloween or if she actually thinks this looks good, but ...

What? LLOHAN101606_2.jpg

And check out Lindsay's nomadic nighttime tendancies ....


Where's Glinda when you need her?!



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Posted by: violet

I think she looks great!

Posted by: RYTIANA

I LOVE THOSE SHOES!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!? i have a pair they are SOOO COMFORTABLE and comfortable heels are hard to come by, i would where them everywhere and all the time! and DON'T MAKE FUN OF MY GIRL LINDSAY! SHE HAS BETTER STYLE THAN ALL OF YOU!!

Posted by: DAGOBLK

Finally a smile that could light up the night sky.. She's a sweetheart no matter how much the Paparazzi stalk her.. sshh.(Thanks guys!! Keep up the good work..lol)

Posted by: Moonshine

Forget the shoes, what's up with her lips?

Posted by: Heroine

By the way, those shoes are very in right now ...

Just stating facts here.

Posted by: parissucksliterally

she should have worn knee high boots- then she would have looked great.

Posted by: Anonymous

Where's the crotch shot photo up her skirt? wanna see if her panties match her outfit or if her pussy is witchy ;)

Posted by: christine

what a cute outfit! schoolgirl chic! I love it.

Posted by: Kaye

I want a pair too!!!

Posted by: aneurysm

the knee socks rock. but oh i hope she isn't going for the trout mouth w/ lip injections. she's great the way she is.

Posted by: mary

hey anyone know where i can get a pair of those shoes???

Posted by: Doug

Wow. She looks great in those pics.

Posted by: mat

she really does look good on these pix! and get used to those shoes, they're so in style this season, it's very chanel!!!

Posted by: Charlotte

She looks awful. I cant believe that people find this addict even remotely attractive.

Posted by: Jennifer

Those shoes are CHANEL ! Adorable i want the same ones. Great outfit btw...

Posted by: Mike

Ahh Gorgeous!

Posted by: Jessica

If they're so bad "Huh?" then leave the site.

I HATE those shoes, I cannot believe half of the new trends coming out?! What happened to a classic look? YuK!

Posted by: Huh?

Of all the agencies, X-17 has the worst looking photographs! Utter crap.

Posted by: josie_p

i like the style but not exactleyy those ones and not with the scosk either.. i like the stiletto pumps that are in now.. gotta git me a purr of those!!

Posted by: SM

ewy kieore las fotos no las puedo tomar ! me prgunto para ke las ponen entonces! mejor se las dejan para ustedes no mas!

Posted by: FAST!


Posted by: chris

what it happens here! there is a problem in the page!!

Posted by: Anonymous

those ankle boots are this season's chanel, off the paris s/s 06 runway

Posted by: monique

she's adorable

Posted by: LD

i don't care what they showed in paris. that outfit is ridiculous.

Posted by: c-cat

whoa! is that a man or a woman? eiyah is her friend sportin a lip-wig? what's goin on there buddy????????????

Posted by: nil

she looks yummy

Posted by: Sarah

Those shoes are terrible! The knee-highs might have been black in the packet but they're blue under the camera flash... Someone please save that girl! My mom wore shoes like that in the 90s - they were hideous then and they're hideous now. Save her save her!

Posted by: Anonymous

whats that song when she enters area?

love the little skip she does.

Posted by: trfuidz bfrsn

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