Rob Lowe's Former Nanny Claims He Sexually Harassed Her
Posted on Tue Apr 15, 2008 09:46 AM PDT

Rob Lowe roblowe040808.jpg LOS ANGELES, California (X17online) - Rob Lowe's former nanny, Jessica Gibson filed a lawsuit on Monday claiming that Lowe exposed himself to her on numerous occasions and touched her inappropriately.

Today, Gibson and her attorney, Gloria Allred appeared on The Today Show and spoke with Meredith Vieira. When asked why she continued to work for the Lowes, Gibson replied, "I love the children, and I needed the job. I thought it would get better, and I was scared." Additionally, she said that she never had tried to blackmail the family, and that the family still owed her money. Allred said that the Lowes tried to "hide behind" their confidentiality agreement with Gibson, and they were using that as a reason not to pay her.

Lowe's lawyer Larry Stein gave the following statement to The Today Show:

"Ms. Gibson's older sister worked for the Lowes for seven years. Ms. Gibson worked for the Lowes on and off for seven years. She left at least two times, to pursue other jobs, and returned each time asking for more hours. She sent two emails the day after she left, both saying she loved the Lowes and her leaving had nothing to do with them, but her heart wasn't into being a nanny anymore. This is totally inconsistent with her latest allegations. An investigation of dozens of present and former employees has failed to find one single person to verify her allegations. The allegations in the complaint are simply untrue."