Authorities Question OctoMom About Kid's Black Eye
Posted on Thu Apr 30, 2009 01:30 PM PDT

OctomVisit200.jpgLOS ANGELES, California (X17online) - Nadya Suleman says a visit to her home by child welfare officials was nothing serious and that she's not neglecting her kids.

Apparently authorities were concerned when Suleman's Autistic 4-year-old son Adian showed up at school with a black eye and bite marks.

Suleman says the injuries are a result of roughhousing between her kids.

The child's teacher notified officials after Suleman failed to respond to a note inquiring about the injuries. Suleman says forgot to respond to the note.

As for the visit, Suleman says the welfare officials complimented the organization of her home and told her she was doing a "good job" managing all of her children.

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