Lindsay's Dad Blames Mom For Problems
Posted on Fri Apr 10, 2009 10:02 AM PDT


In an exclusive e-mail to X17online line Michael Lohan want's Dina to "focus on what's right." He believes Dina want's Lindsay to be in her reality TV show, despite the negative impact it could have on her career.

"I think at this point its evident, that Dina has put other people (including her own family) before our children. Why do you think her best friends, who are her personal assistants, left and went their own way? I am so tired of the lies and the deception in the press and media that I have to finally bring attention to what really happened. Our children, including Lindsay, are the most important part of our lives and Dina has to see it that way, and set her priorities straight!," Lohan writes.

He says that Dina's lack of parental involvement is evident to his daughters.

"In the recent text from my daughter to me, Lindsay said that "she is more of a mother to Dina, than Dina is to her". That should say enough, but for Dina and her (slacking) significant other, Jim, to use Lindsay and overlook the well-being and welfare of my children, is more than I can take," Lohan writes.

Lohan also blames Dina for the financial issues surrounding the family's home in Long Island, New York. He closes the email with the admonishment to Dina that "our children are paramount and mean most in our lives."