How Farrah Proved UCLA Was Leaking Her Medical Information
Posted on Mon May 11, 2009 08:23 AM PDT

FarrahUCLA200.jpgLOS ANGELES, California (X17online) - Farrah Fawcett says a real-life sting operation helped identify the UCLA hospital worker who was selling her private medical information to The National Enquirer.

In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Fawcett lashes out at the hospital for failing to protect her privacy and claims UCLA repeatedly pressured her to donate money for the creation of a foundation in her name.

Fawcett said the leak of information about her treatment for anal cancer made the process even more difficult.

"People call, 'How are you?' 'How do you feel?' 'We're praying for you.' Do you still have your hair?' ... When every single call is that kind of call ... it's all you talk about. It's all-consuming. Then, your quality of life is never the same," Fawcett told the paper.

Farrah says she was "never more sure of anything in [her] life" that somehow information about her illness was being leaked from UCLA. So when doctors discovered that her cancer had returned, she decided to keep the information from her friends and family.

Fawcett had the proof she was looking for when the news appeared in the Enquirer four days later. It was later discovered that an administrative worker had been selling the information to the Enquirer. UCLA says it has changed the way it handles private patient information and new laws have been passed to protect patients.

The public's facination with the story is understandable. "Particularly when it's something sexy or scandalous, or on the negative side, something kind of tragic and sad, for whatever reason, the public is interested in those types of stories," said X17online's own Brandy Navarre.

"I think it's really just an American icon and the public's love of this woman and the nostalgia and everything around her," Navarre said.

Meantime, the Charlie's Angels star's condition continues to deteriorate. Ryan O'Neal told People Magazine the cancer has spread to Farrah's liver, she's bedridden and has lost of all of her hair.

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