Michael Jackson's Chef Speaks Out On Doctor's Actions
Posted on Wed Jul 29, 2009 07:58 AM PDT

jackoChefdr200.jpgLOS ANGELES, California (X17online) - Michael Jackson's personal chef says she first realized there was a problem when his personal doctor didn't come downstairs to bring Michael his usual breakfast of granola and juice.

Kai Chase, 37, tells the Associated Press that Dr. Conrad Murray typically brought Jackson his breakfast, and would often see the doctor carrying oxygen tanks.

But on the morning of June 25, Chase said she was preparing lunch when Dr. Murray came running down the stairs screaming "Go get Prince!"

"He [was] screaming very loud," the chef said. "I ran into the den where the kids were playing. Prince (Jackson's oldest son) runs to meet Dr. Murray and from that point on you could feel the energy in the house change."

Chase says she then walked in to the hall where the children had gathered with other members of the staff. "The daughter was crying. I saw paramedics running up the stairs," Chase recalled.

She says the group - which included the children, their nanny and a housekeeper - held hands and began to pray. "We were all praying, 'Help Mr. Jackson be O.K.'"

"Then everyone was very quiet."

Chase says security guards told her and other staff to leave the house because Jackson was being taken to the hospital.

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