Brody Jenner Tasered After Fight With Joe Francis
Posted on Fri Aug 28, 2009 07:57 AM PDT

brodyfight200.jpg LOS ANGELES, California (X17online) - Last night, Joe Francis punched and kicked Brody Jenner's girlfriend Jayde Nicole at Guys & Dolls nightclub, but The Hills star wasn't about to let the Girls Gone Wild king get away with it! After punching Joe outside of the club, Brody was tasered, and a few hours later he posted the following message on his Twitter:

"Joe Francis beat up my lady this morning for no reason! Pulled her to the ground, punched & kicked her..what does that say about him? How can you call yourself a man when you beat up a girl?? Joe Francis is a piece of sh*t...Joe Francis needs to be in jail!!!"

The reality TV star tells TMZ that he was at the club celebrating his birthday, when Jayde saw Joe hitting on a girl Jayde and Brody both know. Apparently Joe was acting very aggressive and annoying, so Jayde did what any good samaritan would do: she tossed a drink on him. Instead of moving on and handling the situation like a mature adult, Brody says Joe then pulled Jayde's hair, punched her in the face, threw her to the ground and began kicking her!

Poor Jayde has bruises all over her swollen face, a bruised left rib and her lower abdomen is sore. Some of her hair also got pulled out, and she says she's going to press charges. Security broke up the fight between Joe and Jayde, and at that point Joe and Brody were yelling at each other, and they were both thrown out of the club. Brody says he tried to get back in to see his damsel in distress, but security wouldn't let him, and then he went after Joe, punching him in the face until someone tasered him and he fell to the ground.

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