Reality TV Murder Suspect Takes Own Life
Posted on Mon Aug 24, 2009 07:55 AM PDT

ryan-jenkins_200.jpgLOS ANGELES, California (X17online) - Family members of reality TV contestant Jasmine Fiore are speaking out now that the man suspected of killing her has been found dead in Canada.

Meanwhile, investigators are looking into whether Fiore's ex-husband, Ryan Jenkins, had help disposing of the swimsuit model's body near a Buena Park, California hotel.

Jenkins, 32, was found hanging from a belt in a room at the Thunderbird Motel near the US border in Canada.

Jenkins was found dead Sunday morning when a motel manager decided to check on the room rented three days earlier.

The "Megan Wants A Millionaire Contestant" had been charged with the murder of his ex-wife, Los Angeles swimsuit model Jasmine Fiore, on Thursday.

Witnesses at the hotel, say a woman in a silver car dropped Jenkins off at the motel. Investigators want to know if he had help escaping to Canada.

Lisa Lepore, Fiore's mother, told "Good Morning America" she had "mixed feelings" when she learned of Jenkins' death, but that it was the first step toward closure for her family.

"It's a relief to know that this man is not out there with the possibility of causing harm to other people," she said of her former son-in-law.

"That was a dangerous person. And now we don't have to worry about him, but I feel like he was a coward. He took the easy way out. He didn't want to face the consequences of his actions."