Jane Lynch Will Host Saturday Night Live
Posted on Thu Oct 7, 2010 08:14 AM PDT

jlynch200new.jpgMANHATTAN, New York (X17online) - Jane Lynch, who plays Coach Sue Sylvester on Glee, will take over the stage on this weekend's Saturday Night Live.

Lynch, 50, has revealed that she'll be spoofing her character from the hit Fox show.

The actress had the following to say about her SNL appearance:

    "I think they're going to be careful. I've never seen them do anything where they've hit the nail on the head and it's not interesting, so I hope it'll work out well. It was great news, and like any milestone in my life, it excited me but also scared me. But I'll do it! I like being scared, actually. It pulls the best out of you."