Justin Bieber Recording Acoustic Album For Haters Who Say He 'Can't Sing'
Posted on Tue Nov 2, 2010 11:53 AM PDT

bieber050410_01_200.jpgLOS ANGELES, California (X17online) - Justin Bieber is tired of "haters" claiming he can't sing, so on November 22 the singer plans to set the record straight through the release of his third album, My Worlds Acoustic.

Bieber gave fans a taste of what his latest album will sound like when the video for the acoustic version of Never Say Never premiered over the weekend.

"I really think that I did an acoustic album because there's a lot of haters out there that say, 'Justin Bieber can't sing. His voice is all Auto-Tuned, and there's a lot with production, it kind of drowns out your voice, and it takes away from the singer, over the synths and everything,'" Bieber exclaims.

Once the acoustic version comes out, fans will get a raw taste of what Bieber really sounds like without all of the technology. He says: "I think kind of stripping it down and having it kind of really mellow and being able to hear my voice is why I wanted to do it."

While Bieber wanted to keep the tracks a secret, he did confirm that a brand-new track will be included, "Baby was redone, and then we got an extra song on there that no one's ever heard, and it's a really inspiring song too. Can't really talk about that song yet."