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Ryan Reynolds And Sandra Bullock's Big Screen Reunion Postponed
(03/03/11 9:11 AM) LOS ANGELES, California (X17online) - While it was announced back in June Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock have both signed on for the upcoming action-comedy Most Wanted, it may be many years until it actually hits theaters.

Sandra Bullock To Reunite With Proposal Director
(10/20/10 10:23 AM) MANHATTAN, New York (X17online) - Actress Sandra Bullock will star in an untitled project that will be directed by The Proposal director, Anne Fletcher.

Matt Lauer Scores First Sandra Bullock Interview
(08/25/10 8:14 AM) MANHATTAN, California (X17online) - Sandra Bullock has decided to give her first interview to Matt Lauer and The Today Show. Miss Bullock is expected to talk about her recent adoption, as well as the cheating scandal with her ex-husband Jesse James.

Sandra Bullock Considering Movie Based On 9/11
(08/23/10 9:00 AM) MANHATTAN, New York (X17online) - Sandra Bullock will possibly join Tom Hanks in a drama that focuses on a family coping with life after the 9/11 attacks in New York City.

Sandra Bullock Gets Restraining Order Against Stalker
(07/20/10 10:34 AM) LOS ANGELES, California (X17online) - Sandra Bullock has successfully obtained a temporary restraining order against Thomas James Weldon, 41, whom the actress says has been stalking her since 2003.

Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds To Team Up Again
(06/08/10 8:17 AM) LOS ANGELES, California (X17online) - Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds, who recently starred on screen together in The Proposal, may be co-stars once again in the romantic comedy tentatively titled, Most Wanted.

Sandra Bullock And Jesse James Hit By Drunk Driver
(04/20/08 11:25 AM) LOS ANGELES, California (X17online) - Actress Sandra Bullock and her husband Jesse James were hit by a drunk driver in Gloucester, Massachusetts, and Bullock's publicist just released the following statement to X17: "Sandra Bullock and Jesse James were in...

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Did Fergie's version of the National Anthem suck?
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