shakira-sued-230.jpgShakira's ex-boyfriend, Antonio de la Rua, is suing her for $100 million for breach of contract and breach of fiduciary duty, claiming that she owes him for "past and future partnership profits," according to papers filed in New York on November 20.

De la Rua, who dated the Grammy winner from 2000 to 2010, claims that four years into the relationship, she asked him to take control of the "Shakira brand." He says that she agreed to give him a share of the profits from her music and business ventures "in exchange for the contribution of his business and marketing skills, knowledge and expertise." De la Rua's father Fernando is the former president of Argentina, and he helped managed his campaign in the late 90s, so his claims aren't entirely out of left field.

Though Shakira and del la Rua merely had an "oral agreement," he claims he helped build her brand to new heights by securing multi-million-dollar deals and convincing her to record one of her most popular songs, "Hips Don't Lie." When the couple split in 2010, Shakira wrote on her website that they would "continue to be partners" in business, but a year later she severed their professional ties.

Shakira is worth an estimated $140 million, and she filed her own writ of summons in October claiming that de la Rua misappropriated funds during his tenure as her business manager. It's getting ugly!