Justin Timberlake Will Take A Swing On The U.S. Open Course
Posted on Fri Jun 6, 2008 09:03 AM PDT

Justin Timberlake JTimberlake060508.jpg LOS ANGELES, California (X17online) - Justin Timberlake will participate in Golf Digest's U.S. Open Challenge at Torrey Pines today, according to The Guardian. Timberlake will play 18 holes at the Torrey Pines course, which is the venue for next week's US Open. He will play his round with Tony Romo, Matt Lauer and John Atkinson, a cancer sufferer who entered the magazine's competition.

When asked about the challenges of the course, Tiger Woods commented, "People don't realize how thick the rough is and how difficult it is controlling the shots. I know Matt and Tony are good players but until they experience it they have no idea."

However, Timberlake "practices every day, has a swing coach and takes his clubs everywhere he goes," according to a spokesperson. Additionally, according to the United States Golf Association, which records the handicap of every amateur in the country, Timberlake plays off three, with his last 20 scores ranging between 76 and 86, which is respectable.

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