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X17 licenses all of its photo and video content for print, online, and broadcast use to outlets around the world. To learn more about licensing, CLICK HERE to contact us.

Because we do not allow the posting of our images online without licensing (watermarked or not, with links back to our site or not), we hope those of you who want to use X17's images will enquire about our offer specifically for smaller websites. CLICK HERE to contact us about this offer.

Finally, all of X17's videos are FREE for use ONLINE. Embed code can be obtained by clicking the menu button at the bottom right of our player. To search for X17 video free to embed on your site, simply go to

To license X17 video in broadcast quality, clean of all logos, please CLICK HERE to learn more about license fees.

It is always helpful, when emailing X17, to include your name, the name of your media outlet or website, and the specific content in which you are interested.

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