Paparazzi Fight With Security At Pitt-Jolie Estate
Posted on Fri Jul 25, 2008 12:43 PM PDT

Angelina Jolie AJOLIEBPITTMORE052107.jpg LOS ANGELES, California (X17online) - French police have confirmed that two camouflaged paparazzi managed to sneak onto Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s property in southern France yesterday. After being discovered by the couple's security guards, a fight broke out, and now both parties have filed legal complaints accusing the other of battery and causing injury, according to the Associated Press.

Freelance photographer Luc Goursolas claims he was hit with a walkie-talkie, punched, kicked, and left with a head wound that required three stitches. Goursolas told AP today, "I was pouring blood. I threw myself at them, put blood all over them, and told them that I had HIV so they would stop hitting me." Goursolas said he wasn’t on the property, but in forest near the estate when the guards found him and his partner in crime, camerawoman Marianne Saint-Arroman. Goursolas also claims that Brad talked to him after the altercation and said, "What you are doing is bad, I am fed up with my private property being violated. If you want war you will get it."

Tony Webb, who is head of security at Chateau Miraval, had a slightly different story. Webb said the photographers were on the property, about 600 yards from the house, and denied that the guards punched Goursolas. Webb said Goursolas had camouflaged his equipment and appeared to be “there for a good stay.” He added that Pitt and Jolie may be forced to move if their privacy is not respected, and that local police aren't taking the problem seriously.