Jennifer Aniston Dumped John Mayer, Is Now Single And Looking
Posted on Thu Aug 14, 2008 10:16 AM PDT

Jennifer Aniston JAnistonGr080508_01_X17.jpg LOS ANGELES, California (X17online) - Though it was widely speculated that rocker John Mayer was the one who broke things off with Jennifer Aniston, a source for the Chicago Sun Times reveals that the Friends star was the one who did the dumping.

The source says that it was "Jen who decided to move on...She is very fond of John and has thought he might be the one. She finds him funny, sexy and very talented...Plus he understands all the aspects of living in a fishbowl. But in the final analysis, she just got tired of his roving eye."

Aniston reportedly gave Mayer a "three strikes and you're out" policy after she learned about his brief flings with a cocktail waitress and an assistant on his concert tour. The final straw for the 38-year-old actress was when Mayer allegedly hooked up with a groupie, and shortly after that she decided to end her 4 month relationship with him.

It looks like Aniston is wasting no time getting back in the dating game. A source for MSNBC reveals that a friend of Aniston's asked if they "knew anyone who might want to go out on a date with her.” The source continues, “They weren’t being very discreet about it - the news hadn’t even broken yet that she and John split. You’d think of all people, Jen Aniston wouldn’t need to use people in her camp as a dating service.”

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