Photographer Beaten, Held Hostage In BH Hotel
Posted on Thu Jan 22, 2009 08:45 AM PDT

paparazzi PAPATTACK200.jpgLOS ANGELES, California (X17online) - An X17 photographer following Britney Spears says he was beaten, choked and held hostage by security staff at the recently opened Montage Hotel in Beverly Hills on Wednesday night.

The photographer, who Spears knows and often calls or texts, walked in to the hotel's public underground garage without his camera when he says he was confronted by men who work for the hotel.

He was then escorted to a small room where the photographer claims he was punched in the ribs, thrown to the ground and told he was not allowed to leave.

"I was attacked by hotel security and kept in a little room for over an hour and my phone was taken away from me when I tried to dial 911," the photographer said.

"They beat me up and refused to call the paramedics, saying that I was okay. One hour later I heard that there was a cop outside and I screamed to him for help."

More police arrived and the photographer was allowed to leave the hotel. He was interviewed by Beverly Hills Police officers but was not arrested.

The photographer also says the hotel staff had taken the key to his SUV which was parked in the hotel's underground garage. He later discovered the SUV had been severely scratched.


The Beverly Hills Police Department says it is investigating the incident, but when contacted on Thursday morning, the watch commander on duty said he was not familiar with the incident.

The manager of the Montage Hotel would not comment on the alleged incident.