Dr. Drew Says Pain Meds To Blame For AM Falling Off The Wagon
Posted on Mon Aug 31, 2009 08:00 AM PDT

djam200.jpgLOS ANGELES, California (X17online) - Celebrity Rehab host and addiction specialist Dr. Drew Pinsky says the pain meds DJ AM was taking for painful burns sustained after a harrowing plane crash may have "reawakened" addiction in the formerly sober DJ.

"It very slowly and subtly reawakens addiction," Pinsky told the AP. "I'm not saying it was inappropriately prescribed, I'm saying he didn't know the risks."

DJ AM, who had beat an addiction to crack and ecstasy, was set to debut a show on MTV, "Gone Too Far," about people struggling to kick their own addictions.

"I am a recovering drug addict," AM said recently while promoting the show. "When I see it and I'm in their room and the paraphernalia and the whole lifestyle and everything, I still, 11 years later, have that little thing in my head that starts thinking, 'Oh, where's that? I wonder what that is?'"

Athough AM wasn't found until Friday afternoon in his New York apartment, he texted two friends that morning at 1am. Police are still trying to piece together an exact time and cause of death as they wait for the toxicology reports.

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