Hailey Glassman Ends Her Relationship With Jon Gosselin
Posted on Thu Sep 10, 2009 09:31 AM PDT

haileyjon200.jpg LOS ANGELES, California (X17online) - A source close to Jon Gosselin told X17online that his relationship with Hailey Glassman is "over", and now Life & Style reports that Hailey has dumped the reality TV star!

After "weeks of lies and cheating," Hailey ended her relationship with Jon, and according to a source for the mag, the final straw came after Jon traveled to Las Vegas without Hailey late last month. "When Jon came back, he said very little to Hailey, but his phone spilled the details," according to a friend close to the 22-year-old homewrecker. "He had several text messages and photos taken with girls, including a showgirl. Hailey was shocked that he didn't bother to delete any of it from his phone."

On September 4, Hailey called the father of eight and broke up with him. "She'd had it," the friend says. "She said she couldn't trust him...he lied to her about Kate Major." Hailey believed that Jon was with other women as well, and it sounds like she's jealous of his groupies as well. Apparently Hailey was insecure about all "the adoring female fans who line the fence" at Jon's Pennsylvania home on a daily basis. "She doesn't want to deal with that," the friend explained.

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