X17 XCLUSIVE - Elin Takes The Kids To Sea World
Posted on Thu Jan 21, 2010 07:12 AM PDT

elinkidsseaworld200.jpgORLANDO, Florida (X17online) - While Tiger's holed up in rehab in Mississippi, Elin Nordegren took their two kids, Sam and Charlie, to Sea World in Orlando on Wednesday.

The trio, along with a nanny and two bodyguards, took in the Shamu Show and sat in the Splash Zone!!! They covered up with protective plastic and waiting for the waterworks to begin and when the moment came, they were left at least partially dry!

An X17 photographer tells us:

    "Elin was so happy to be there with the kids. It looked like she was having a really good time and enjoying the show. When Shamu jumped and splashed them, they were laughing and the kids were cuddling close to their mom."

The crew didn't stay long at the park. They were escorted by a VIP guide from the theme park and by their two bodyguards, of course. They were taken swiftly out of the stadium and brought to a couple other indoor attractions -- brought in through the back doors of each. Elin and the kids spent about two hours there and then went straight home. No doubt baby Charlie was exhausted after such an exciting trip!

Our photog told us this about Elin's demeanor today:

    "This woman seems really strong -- she doesn't show any pain on her face at all. Not since the scandal broke have we seen her looking upset or in a bad mood. Elin was 100% happy today."

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