James Cameron To Rerelease New & Improved Avatar
Posted on Fri Mar 12, 2010 03:35 PM PDT

jamescameronpic200.jpgLOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA (X17online) - If you're one of the few who have not seen Avatar on the big screen, no need to worry. The James Cameron blockbuster may be back in 3-D theaters by summer. This time around, the film will have additional footage that had been left on the cutting room floor.

Avatar currently runs for 160-minutes. Cameron says that he has an extra 10 - 12 minutes that could be added to the newer version.

The movie is now the highest grossing film of all time bringing in $2.6 billion in revenue with both domestic and international ticket sales.

The current release of Disney's Alice in Wonderland replaced Avatar in many 3-D locations. With the rerelease scheduled for this summer, producers hope to rake in extra money that may have been lost when Alice took over those theaters.

Cameron and Fox are now in discussions regarding one or two sequels to Avatar. No release date has been set for the DVD version of the film.