Gary Coleman's Ex Plans To Spread Ashes Near Train Tracks
Posted on Tue Jun 8, 2010 03:23 PM PDT

garycoleman200.jpgLOS ANGELES, California (X17online) - After staying quiet about plans for Gary Coleman's body, his ex wife Shannon Price says that the actor wanted to be cremated. She also reveals where she plans to spread the ashes.

"To spread some of them around some train tracks because trains were his hobby and he loved that very much. And I think that he would really appreciate that I did that for him," Price tells Entertainment Tonight.

Price went on to talk about a legal document that Coleman allegedly left. She says, "He wanted me to have everything. His financial problems have always been bad with people stealing from him. Gary hasn't been able to take care of finances very well because no one taught him. [But] we survived through everything. I had some family help us. My family's been very supportive [of us]."

During the ET interview she adds, "Reality really hasn't hit me yet. I feel like Gary's in L.A. working because when he would go on jobs he would be gone for a while. But I've had anxiety dealing with the legal stuff, and not being able to talk to him has actually been the hardest."