George Clooney To Testify In Italian Courtroom
Posted on Tue Jul 6, 2010 01:33 PM PDT

clooney200.jpgMILAN, Italy (X17online) - George Clooney will be heading to court on July 16 for a cause involving three people who are accused of using his name for a clothing line.

Clooney, 49, will testify as a civil plaintiff at the Milan courthouse.

Reports claims that security will be tight, while the actor is in court, to make sure the trial goes smoothly.

The case, involving Clooney's name, goes back to April 2008. At the time, the three men, accused of forgery, possession and fraud, were organizing a fashion show in Milan.

Grazia Maria Mantelli, Clooney's lawyer, has confirmed that her client will be in court to testify.