Justin Bieber Is Ready To Never Say Never
Posted on Fri Oct 15, 2010 09:28 AM PDT

justinbieber200.jpgLOS ANGELES, California (X17online) - Justin Bieber's upcoming 3-D movie will be called Never Say Never ... taken from the name of his song on the Karate Kid soundtrack.

The poster, with the official move title, was tweeted for fans after a 2-day online scavenger hunt to find all the pieces.

Director Jon Chu said the following about the movie:

    "[It's] a movie for his fans, a movie for people who don't know him, and we're gonna tell the underdog story of where he came from. Because it's a really fascinating story and it has a lot to do with our sort of digital lifestyle now. He was able to do what corporations try to do now when they use YouTube and they don't even know what to do with it yet. It's a pretty cool story for our time."

As for Bieber, he's keeping the details a secret. He says, "We're in the middle [of it now]. You're gonna see a lot of cool stuff! 3-D, 3-D!"