George Clooney Gives President Obama Campaign Advice
Posted on Mon Mar 19, 2012 11:57 AM PDT

gclooney011012_01_200.jpg LOS ANGELES, California (X17online) - George Clooney dished out his best campaign advice for President Obama on Sunday's Meet the Press. The Oscar-winning actor explained he believes the President is in a good position to be re-elected, but he needs to do a better job bringing all of his accomplishments in office to the public's attention.

"The Democrats are just very poor, in general, at explaining what it is, when they accomplished something, I think they're pretty bad at it, and Republicans are very good at it," he explains. "If I was a Republican, and Obama was a Republican, I would be selling all of the, you know, he saved the auto industry and he got Osama bin Laden. He passed a health care bill that no one could pass -- if that was a Republican issue. I would be able to sell his presidency as a very successful one. But Democrats are bad at that, we like to pick each other apart."

Clooney has long been a diehard supporter of Obama, and even met with him this past Thursday to discuss the humanitarian situation in the Sudan. The actor also joined Obama and many other Hollywood heavyweights at Wednesday's State dinner.

Don't count on Mr. Clooney ever running for office though! "There is no outside influence for me. I can actually have an opinion and it may not fit what the U.N wants and it may not fit what other people want, and I can say, 'This is what I think is right' and stand by it... I think it's a lot easier than running for office. I don't have any interest in that," he told Meet the Press' David Gregory.