Did Kim Zolciak's Daughter Brielle Reveal Her Mom Is Pregnant With Baby #7?!

Posted on Wed Nov 22nd, 2017 12:16pm PDT       By X17 Staff

Is Kim Zolciak really pregnant with baby #7?!

The Don't Be Tardy and Real Housewives of Atlanta star might have been outed by 20-year-old daughter Brielle Biermann on Twitter yesterday, in a now-deleted Tweet, reading: "OMG!!! i’m so excited my mom is PREGNANT with baby number 7!!!!" When asked with Kim is due, Brielle replied to a fan: "in the spring sometime."

Kim's eldest daughter didn't stop there, she then moved to Instagram to post, "OMG!!! i can’t wait to meet the little nugget. it’s been so hard keeping this a secret!!! woo!! #lucky7."

Then Kim responded on yet another social media platform, taking to Snapchat to dispel her daughter's announcement: "Brielle’s lying! She’s lying!"

This is all just a day after the eccentric mom encourage Brielle to flash her breast on Snapchat. Zolciak claims it was a private Snap that she accidentally posted public. Hmmm ...

As for another baby, the mother-of-six has said she sometimes still craves more kids, as does her hubby Kroy. If this is all true, it'll make for a HELL of a season on RHOA. We can't wait for that shizzz!


Kanye West Rocks His New Semi-Frozen Yellow Yeezy Boosts

Posted on Wed Nov 22nd, 2017 11:54am PDT       By X17 Staff

Of course Kanye West has on his newest cult sneaker, the Semi-Frozen Yellow 350 V2 Yeezy Boost. Want some? Well you can't have them ... they kicks sold out within minutes of their release on the 18th but we have a feeling Kanye got his early ... and for free :)

The expectant father sported his bright yellow sneaks at the office Tuesday, paired with a Tupac tribute tee, honoring the late rapper's Makaveli album.

Meanwhile, Kanye and wife Kim are gearing up for the birth of their third child, via surrogate, his December. The super-couple will welcome a daughter around the holidays, according to reports. We bet she'll get some baby Yeezys of her own!


Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Plan To Wed This Summer

Posted on Wed Nov 22nd, 2017 7:53am PDT       By X17 Staff

Meghan Markle just wrapped her last episode of Suits in Toronto and the actress high-tailed it outta there, on track to prepare for her new life as a princess!

Multiple reports claim Markle decided to leave the show when she and longtime love Prince Harry became engaged -- though the couple have yet to make an official announcement. So where will Meghan live now? With Harry, of course! Markle will move straight in to Harry's two-bedroom apartment at Nottingham Cottage. The couple will get settled, adjust to their new life together and then officially announce their engagement in January, with a photo shoot at Kensington Palace and a TV interview, according to Us Weekly. The wedding will reportedly take place in June.

Markle, an LA-native, was previously wed to talent manager Trevor Engelson from to 2011 to 2013. The 36-year-old actress and the 33-year-old prince have been dating since late 2016. They travelled to Africa this summer to celebrate Meghan's 36th birthday. Some speculate Harry popped the question during this vacation.

Now, as English Royal watchers are on the edges of their seats, speculating where and when the wedding will take place, a new report out of London today say the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby has confirmed the couple's wedding date. It's ON! Get ready for the wedding of the year!


Report: Gwyneth Paltrow Is Engaged To Boyfriend Brad Falchuk!

Posted on Tue Nov 21st, 2017 9:51am PDT       By X17 Staff

Gwyneth and her boyfriend of three years, TV writer/director/producer Brad Falchuk, according to Us Weekly.

Paltrow split from Coldplay frontman and the father of her two children Chris Martin in 2014 -- when they famously "consciously uncoupled." Since then, the 45-year-old Goop founder has been focused on getting her family settled back in LA, beefing up her digital enterprise and focusing on her new man.

Falchuk was also married and has two kids. He and his ex divorced in 2013. As a writer on Glee, he and Gwyneth met during her several cameos on the hit show.

The newly-affianced couple are said to be keeping their engagement under wraps until Gwyneth decides to release the news on her web site goop.com. Oops! Cat's outta the bag!


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Juicy Details Emerge About Kim Kardashian's Nasty Falling-Out With Personal Assistant Stephanie Shepherd

Posted on Tue Nov 21st, 2017 9:10am PDT       By X17 Staff

What was supposedly an amicable split, is sure getting nastier and nastier by the day! New details are emerging about Kim Kardashian's "split" -- aka, firing -- of longtime personal assistant Stephanie Shepherd.

Since coming on board with the Queen Kardashian, Steph's job description had grown into something she just wasn't capable of handling, according to some reports. Meanwhile, a RadarOnline report claims, "Kim is telling people that she fired Stephanie because she lacked the mental capacity play a larger role in her brand. But in actuality nothing could be further from the truth.” The source close to Shepherd goes on to say, "Stephanie was tired of being talked to like she was beneath Kim, and she could never do anything for herself because Kim would beg her to stay and work for days on end."

Another report admits Kim and Steph didn't part ways as friends: "Kim made a decision to let Stephanie go. She was a good assistant but when Stephanie wanted to transition into a larger role with Kim’s brand and businesses, it just didn’t work. Kim gave her the chance but after a short period of time it became clear that Stephanie just didn’t have the knowledge to take on a role like that. Kim made an executive decision to part ways," a People magazine source says. "She’s still friendly with the other sisters but she and Kim aren’t really speaking," the source adds.

Shepherd has also been accused of becoming a celebrity herself and not staying out of the spotlight, where Kim may have thought she belonged. But it was Kim who promoted her assistant to COO of Kardashian West brands earlier this year so something dramatic must have happened to make Kim realize Steph wasn't ready for the role. OR something totally unrelated to her business position caused Kim to fire a b*tch.

Shep told Refinery29 for a celeb-assistant profile, "I've never really wanted to be front-and-center on the show. But the thing is, the girls really don't stop living their lives for the camera, so the reality is I'm often there, because I'm actually working." She went on to say, "Sometimes I think about how it’s such a weird thing that people want to know or even care about me, just because I work for Kim. But then it's like, well, she is one of the most recognizable celebrities in the world. I don't get recognized a lot unless I'm with her ..."

Still other rags have another angle on the story, which is that Kim was jealous of Steph's close friendship with Kourtney. They two spent tons of time together and Stephanie even told Refinery29 she gets mistaken for the eldest Kardashian girl because they "look alike" and have "the same style."

So could Kim not handle playing second fiddle to her sis in the eyes of her assistant/COO? Did StephShep get too big for her britches? She does have more than 900K followers on Instagram! But given that her last post with the Kardashian family was on Kendall's birthday a few weeks ago, will fans continue to follow when the Kardashian pix dry up???


Paris Hilton Reunites With Pregnant Sis Nicky Rothschild For A Beverly Hills Shopping Trip

Posted on Tue Nov 21st, 2017 8:56am PDT       By X17 Staff

We love these girls together! Sisters Paris and Nicky reunited for a shopping trip in Beverly Hills, on Tuesday -- Paris looking hot in her sexy black leather and lace look and Nicky looking lovely in florals and a princess braid as she prepares to welcome her second child with hubby James.

Even though these rich bitches certainly don't need to shop a sale, it was serendipitous that Barney's famous 40% off, pre-Black Friday discount started yesterday. Who doesn't like a good bargain?!

Paris brought along her adorable little pooch -- obviously one of the most pampered pets in Hollywood -- while Nicky carried her own special cargo. She has daughter Lily Grace, who celebrated her first birthday in July; and Nicky is set to give birth in early 2018 so she'll have two under two! Between that and news that Paris' super-sweet (and hot) boyfriend Chris Zylka is getting close to proposing marriage, the Hilton family is set to have a terrific Thanksgiving and a very merry Christmas this year, for sure!


EXCLUSIVE - Scott Takes Mason Out Of Town Following Massive Fight With Kourtney

Posted on Tue Nov 21st, 2017 6:37am PDT       By X17 Staff

Whoa! Scott Disick whisked son Mason away after a massive fight with baby mama Kourtney Kardashian, on Monday, a source tells X17online exclusively. The father-son duo hopped a commercial flight (we're told he doesn't have the $$$ for his own private jet, since Sofia Richie's not footing the bill for this one) with his 7-year-old son following a disagreement with Kourt over Thanksgiving plans.

The Kardashian clan is planning a big family get together and after their big blowout, Scott wants no part of it. Our source tells us, "Scott is pissed at Kourtney right now and he knew the way to hurt her the most was to take Mason and do something with him for the holiday. And Sofia Richie is involved in this whole thing, too."

Our source says Sofia wanted Scott to herself for Thanksgiving but the Kardashians still consider Scott part of the family and they wanted him to come along on their family vacay for Turkey Day. The 19-year-old "model," however, isn't thinking in such terms: "Sofia just wants a fun vacation with Scott. Their relationship is kind of built on them going off on 5-star trips together and Thanksgiving was the perfect excuse for a holiday. Sofia doesn't really understand Scott's responsibilities as a parent because she's still a kid herself."

As the Kardashian family prepares for their annual Thanksgiving retreat together, Scott is sending a clear signal that he wants no part of it this year ... and he doesn't want Mason with Kourtney and her family either. He's whisked his boy away for some father-son bonding time and who knows, maybe it'll make the notorious bad boy realize he needs to be present more often!

With the holiday only two days away, the Kardashian fam is waiting to see what Scott will do ... will he keep Mason the whole week or will he cave and meet up with the rest of the group for turkey and fixins? Our source says Scott's not even sure, himself: "Scott just left, impulsively. He's not sure if he'll join up with the family later or not. He wanted to make a point -- to shock everyone -- and it worked. Kourtney's a little worried but she also knows Scott loves his son and wouldn't do anything to put him in danger. It seems like there's part of her that's happy Scott is finally acting like a dad."

Mason looked happy ... finally some attention from dad ...


Victoria's Secret Model Falls On The Runway, Recovers With A Little Help From Her Friend

Posted on Mon Nov 20th, 2017 12:47pm PDT       By X17 Staff

Poor Angel Ming Xi! The Victoria's Secret model took a tumble on the runway in Shanghai, China Monday as she walked the catwalk in a sparkly white and silver number with a huge floral headdress.

But have no fear, the professional model recovered -- and with a little help from her Brazilian beauty friend Gizele who was strutting just behind. The audience cheered and Ming kept on keeping on, finishing her walk with the crowd's support!


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