Prince Dissed Justin Bieber, Predicted Woman President In Scrapped Final Rolling Stone Interview

Posted on Mon May 2nd, 2016 1:10pm PDT       By X17 Staff

We guess The Purple One was not a Belieber!

Prince's last interview with Rolling Stone was done in 2014, but for unknown reasons it was scrapped and never saw the light of day... until now! In it, the late music icon discusses a variety of current topics, including the trappings of the music industry and the new direction of politics, but it's his diss of JB that really caught our attention!

You're trying to find the personality first, make sure you've got that locked in. And it's better if they got scandal on 'em or a reality show or sex tape. And they have it down to an art. They're getting street cred for Justin Bieber now!" the "Purple Rain" crooner explained of music execs' formulas for finding the next star.

As for a chick in the White House?

"We're in the feminine aspect now. That's where society is. You're gonna get a woman president soon. Men have gone as far as they can, right?  … I learn from women a lot quicker than I do from men. At a certain point, you're supposed to know what it means to be a man, but now what do you know about what it means to be a woman? Do you know how to listen? Most men don't know how to listen," he mused. Good point, P!

The Grammy winner went on to reveal that he reached out to Chris Brown following his assault on Rihanna, all because he feels a oneness with every artist in the spotlight. "We're all connected, right, we're all brothers and sisters, and the minute we lock that in, we wouldn't let anybody in our family fall. That's why I called Chris Brown. All of us need to be able to reach out and just fix stuff. There's nothing that's unforgivable,” he defended.

We love Prince, but we don't agree with him shading The Biebs and sticking up for Breezy!


Rob Kardashian Calls Police After $200K Stolen From Blac Chyna's Home

Posted on Mon May 2nd, 2016 12:00pm PDT       By X17 Staff

They say keep your friends close and your enemies closer, but maybe Rob and Chyna should keep their friends a little further away?

Over the weekend, the safe in Blac Chyna's Tarzana home was broken into and a shocking amount of cash was stolen -- $200,000 in fact. In addition to the cash, a number of pieces of jewelry were also stolen, according to TMZ.

The outlet is reporting that her fiance Rob Kardashian was the one who noticed the theft and called the police.

The site is also reporting that the couple believes that a friend of theirs is the one with the sticky fingers. Ouch!

A source told the publication, "Signs point to the culprit being someone close to her and Rob."

Law enforcement official say that there was no "obvious sings of entry" and that the safe was not "busted open" -- which makes it sound like an inside job by someone int he "inner circle."

Rob has been living with Tyga's baby mama ever since his sister Khloe kicked him out of her home.


Kendall Jenner Is A Star In Stripes In NYC

Kim Kardashian Dons Vintage Choker Given To Kris Jenner By Late Pal Nicole Brown Simpson

Posted on Mon May 2nd, 2016 11:00am PDT       By X17 Staff

This feels a little tacky to us!

Kim Kardashian took to Snapchat to show off a vintage choker the late Nicole Brown Simpson had gifted her mom Kris Jenner back in the eighties, and the reality star had to have known it was going to stir up some controversy. The K clan's involvement with The Juice and his slain wife's murder trial is what put them on the road to stardom, so it seems in poor taste to continue to bring them up so publicly.

Also, can Kimmy K quit it with the choker trend? We seriously hate it! Ever since the mother-of-two began sporting the awful neck adornment, her famous sisters and the rest of the world followed. First those dumb boxer braids and now this, it's too much!


That's Awkward! Kelly Ripa And Michael Strahan Win Their Second Emmy Amid Daytime Drama

Posted on Mon May 2nd, 2016 10:30am PDT       By X17 Staff


Well ... this is awkward!

Amid their serious daytime drama, Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan won their second Daytime Emmy on Sunday night.

In an ironic turn of events, the feuding pair shared the award for best entertainment talk show for their widely popular show Live! With Kelly and Michael. The twosome also took home the same the year prior.

Ripa nor Strahan attended the Los Angeles ceremony, which was not televised, so they didn't have an uncomfortable acceptance speech.

Despite have America and the Emmy voters' love -- the two just don't seem to have love for each other these days.

Last week, an ABC spokesperson confirmed that Strahan's last episode would be May 13.

The spokesperson said, “After meeting with the producers of both Live and Good Morning America, and after speaking with Kelly and Michael, we have decided on a plan that best advantages both shows for the future.To that end, Michael’s last day on Live will be on Friday, May 13, which not only gives the show the chance to have a nice send-off for him during the May book, but to also immediately begin the on-air search for a new co-host."

The jovial host was slated to leave in September but after Ripa threw a hissy fit last week when she found out less than an hour before the press release went out that her co-host would be leaving the show for Good Morning America.

A source tells Page Six that Ripa and Strahan’s was already quite strained but this incident put the nail in the coffin. “While they will be civil on air, things are beyond repair," says the source.

We guess this Emmy win is a bittersweet victory!


Carmen Electra Buys Hollywood Hills Home For $2.11 Million

Kylie Jenner Gets Another Red Tattoo

Posted on Mon May 2nd, 2016 9:25am PDT       By X17 Staff

We think she's trying to start a trend, but she doesn't realize it's not going to catch on because it's ugly!

Kylie Jenner got yet another red tattoo, this time an "M" on her finger, and the reality star documented the entire process in a Snapchat video. We're pretty sure it's illegal, but after she was done she grabbed the needle and inked her tattoo artist!

The plastic surgery princess already has the phonetic spelling of "sanity" written on her hip, as well as a heart on the back of her bicep. She also has her grandmother Mary Jo's name written in her grandfather's handwriting on her arm.

Hasn't she ever heard that you shouldn't put a bumpersticker on a Bentley?!


Kate Hudson And Nick Jonas Meet Up In NYC For A Late Night Dinner Date

Posted on Mon May 2nd, 2016 8:45am PDT       By X17 Staff

Kate Hudson and her boytoy are back on!

Kate Hudson and Nick, who were first linked back in September 2015, got the rumor going once again when they had a dinner date in NYC on Sunday night.

The 37-year-old met up with the 23-year-old at Carbone in Soho. They May/December duo were last spotted together in February

Last month, the Jo Bro talked to Now magazine about his relationship with Hudson, saying, "We’re very good friends. Whatever it was, I think it’s between her and me. I’ll just leave it at that. But it’s never simple, with anything."

The hottie made sure to add he's very much not in a relationship. "I’m very single right now. It’s circumstantial – it just sort of happened that way. In the last couple of weeks I’ve become even busier doing promotional stuff, so there’s literally no time. I wish I had something very juicy but at the moment I don’t," said Nick.

We definitely think the fact they've hooked up again is an interesting development after Kate posted Snapchats while on a date with football hunk JJ Watt.

We'd say maybe they met up for a friendly dinner but knowing Kate Hudson's thirst for menfolk -- we find that difficult to believe ...


Blac Chyna Planning To Sue If Sex Tape With Tyga Is Released

Posted on Mon May 2nd, 2016 8:05am PDT       By X17 Staff

Does she really expect us to buy into this?! Because we're not!

Blac Chyna is threatening to sue if a sex tape she made with ex-boyfriend Tyga back in the day is released, TMZ reports. The former stripper's lawyer Walter Mosley told the site that she would go after anyone who was shopping it around "with a vengeance." Sure she will! We all know that it's Chyna herself shopping the X-rated vid around to score a paycheck and get revenge on Kylie Jenner for stealing her man.

We wonder how fiance Rob Kardashian feels about this? Maybe he's so lovestruck that he doesn't see how obvious it is that his lady love is after fame and fortune, but you gotta know the rest of the K clan is hip to her game and making calls to make sure this tape never sees the light of day. We're just a bit surprised that Chyna didn't film herself and Rob doing the dirty, because that would have scored her way more of the big bucks than some nasty clip with T-Raww.

Nobody should be shocked by this!


Do You Think Chyna Is Secretly Behind The Leak Of Her Own Sex Tape?
Do You Think Chyna Is Secretly Behind The Leak Of Her Own Sex Tape?
Yes! She knows a sex tape is a great stepping stone to fame.
No - she wouldn't jeopardize her engagement to Rob Kardashian.


Kimye And The Rest Of The Kardashians Take Over New York City Ahead Of The Met Gala

Posted on Mon May 2nd, 2016 6:30am PDT       By X17 Staff

They're heeeeeere!

Over the weekend we caught Kim Kardashian hopping on a private jet to NYC, and by late Sunday the rest of the fam was in town too. Kim stepped out to dinner with husband Kanye West last night, and the rapper looked absolutely delighted to be on daddy duty with son Saint. Seriously, we love the way he's cheesing it up for the cameras!

Kim swapped outfits and met up with little sisters Kylie and Kendall Jenner, along with mama Kris Jenner and her boyfriend, Corey Gamble. We did spot Tyga out and about at the hotel earlier in the day, but he wasn't at dinner, so we have a feeling he didn't get an invite to the Gala itself. I mean, it's bad enough that Kylie's probably going -- we imagine there will be a bit of a protest if King Gold Chains hits the red carpet!


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Do You Think Chyna Is Secretly Behind The Leak Of Her Own Sex Tape?
Do You Think Chyna Is Secretly Behind The Leak Of Her Own Sex Tape?
Yes! She knows a sex tape is a great stepping stone to fame.
No - she wouldn't jeopardize her engagement to Rob Kardashian.