Revealing Zhang Ziyi Photos Stir Controversy in China
Posted on Mon Jan 5, 2009 08:01 AM PDT

Zhang Ziyi ZhangBeach200.jpgLOS ANGELES, California (X17online) - Photographs of Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi and her fiance, Israeli venture capitalist Vivi Nevo, in a very public display of affection on a beach on the island of St. Barth are causing controversy around the world.

In the photographs, the "Memoirs of a Geisha" actress is topless and Nevo can be seen rubbing his hand underneath her bikini.

"It was definitely more than just an affectionate pat on the behind - these two were getting so hot and heavy that if they didn't hit the water, they would have steamed up the entire beach!" a photographer told X17online.

The photos are causing a stir in Ziyi's home of country of China, where the government has taken a stand against websites it claims feature "vulgar and unhealthy" content.

Ziyi's manager lashed out against the paparazzi for the photographs.

"Ziyi and her fiance were vacationing on a private beach enjoying a normal part of life for the two of them," the spokesperson was quoted on a Chinese website. "This is a matter of personal privacy. I sympathize with Ziyi and with all celebrities who have had their privacy invaded. It is difficult for them to enjoy vacations and even ordinary, everyday life."