Michael Jackson Wanted To Direct
Posted on Wed Jul 22, 2009 10:00 AM PDT

JackoDirector200.jpgLOS ANGELES, California (X17online) - Michael Jackson was preparing to direct his first feature film in the months leading up to his death, a producer tells "The Hollywood Reporter."

According to Bryan Michael Stoller, Jackson was planning to direct a drama about foster children, titled "They Cage the Animals at Night," which Stoller said he planned to get started on as soon as he completed his London concerts. The project was based on a 1985 book about the real-life experiences of author Jennings Michael Burch who met with Michael at Neverland Ranch about the project.

It was a project that resonated with Jackson according Stoller.

"Michael told me often he felt like he grew up as an orphan, like a foster kid, because he never was in one home. To him every hotel was like a different foster home. He said he used to sit in the window and see kids playing outside and cry because he couldn't be part of that," Stoller said.

Although no formal deal existed, Stoller says he and Jackson had "a pretty serious meeting" about reviving the flick as an indie feature. "He wanted to do movies the Academy would like," Stoller said. "Michael was going to put up $8 million and not have to deal with any studios or producers and then take it to the studios afterward. He was very passionate about being a director. He was determined to make this movie."

Stoller says Jackson never expressed any interest in acting, however he "wanted [to get] his hands on everything, from working on screenplays to producing, to writing the music."


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