Howard Stern's Wife Says No American Idol For Shock Jock
Posted on Tue Jun 29, 2010 08:45 AM PDT

howardstern200.jpgMANHATTAN, New York (X17online) - Howard Stern has admitted to being "offered a job at one of the big networks ... to judge a primetime show," but according to wife Beth Ostrosky, it's most likely not going to happen.

In a recent interview, Ostrosky admitted that she and husband Howard Stern, 56, are fans of American Idol, however she doesn't think he'll join the show. Ostrosky tells People:

    "I’m so lucky that I get to sit next to him when we watch American Idol every week. I’m in stitches, he’s so funny but yet he’s very serious about it. And he’s also a big cheerleader for the contestants and he’s very honest. I think he would be great,” says the model. “But do I think it’s going to happen? No.”

Simon Cowell's replacement on American Idol has yet to be announced.