Robert Kennedy Jr. Opens Up About Late Wife's "Agony"
Posted on Fri May 18, 2012 09:00 AM PDT

mary-kennedy-052110-200.jpgLOS ANGELES, California (x17online) –While Robert Kennedy Jr. is mourning the loss of his ex-wife, Mary Kennedy, he recently said in a statement to the New York Times, "A lot of times I don't know how she made it through the day. She was in a lot of agony for a lot of her life."

On Wednesday, Mary was found hanging inside a barn on the Bedford, N.Y., property she once shared with Robert Jr. and their four children, after Robert Jr. filed for divorce in 2010 after 16 years of marriage.

Mary has a history of drug and alcohol problems, and was arrested twice—once for driving while intoxicated and again for driving under the influence of prescription medication. Her license was suspended and she was forced to join an alcohol rehab program.

Robert Jr. has since moved on with actress Cheryl Hines, and he tells the Times that he and Mary had been living apart for four years but that their homes were only "a few hundred yards" away from each other after the split.

"Every member of my family, long before I married her, considered her a Kennedy," Robert Jr. says of his late wife.

The family is planning to hold a private funeral service on Saturday in Bedford, followed by a burial in Hyannisport, Mass., where the Kennedy family compound is located.