Bristol Palin's Reality Show Being Sued By Kyle Massey
Posted on Wed Jun 20, 2012 10:15 AM PDT

bpalin110310_07_200.jpgLOS ANGELES, California (x17online) - The producers of Bristol Palin's reality show are facing a lawsuit from Kyle and Christopher Massey, along with their mother Angela, claiming that the Masseys came up with the idea and started shooting a series that involved them and Bristol only to be left out and not compensated.

Palin was not named as a defendant in the 31-page lawsuit which included the Associated Television International, Helping Hands LLC and David McKenzie.

"It is unfortunate that after months of trying to resolve this matter the professional way, we were left with no other course of action than to take legal action to protect ourselves," Angela Massey said in a statement. "If you read the entire complaint, and particularly pages 8-11, you will see how we created the show, registered the show and did all the leg work to bring this idea to TV and to the defendants, who stole our concept."

The show Helping Hands, which was being developed for the Bio Channel, would have featured Bristol and her son Tripp rooming with the Masseys as they embark on various charitable ventures.

The Masseys are asking for damages and a permanent injunction against the producers from profiting on what they claim was their idea.