BSPEARSFASTFOOD042807_01.jpgBSPEARSFASTFOOD042807_06.jpgBSPEARSFASTFOOD042807_10.jpgBritney Spears BSPEARSFASTFOOD042807_41.jpgBritney and her cousin Alli went house hunting in Malibu yesterday -- is she tired of Bel Air already? We asked her about rumors of a surpriseperformance at the House of Blues next week, but Brit looked like she had no idea what we were talking about!

Back on the road, Britney almost let her top fly off -- her hat caught air and Brit held her wig tight before it too flew away. A photog got it and gave it back to her.

Then it was off to her daily rehearsal at Millennium where we saw what we presume to be evidence of a surprise performance: several costumed dancers on stilts, wigs and feather boas in Brit's car, and Britney's show-stopping barely-there outfit.

Brit took a quick break from dancing to do a little shopping at the Naked Baby Boutique near the dance studio, before returning for more dancing (rehearsing?).

We've got much more Britney coming later tonight, including the XCLUSIVE scoop on who she went out on a date with last night!