Eagle-eyed Britney-trackers might have noticed a gap in Brit's schedule last weekend between the pair of Laker games she attended - after all, even the new, sober Britney 2.0's not one to spend a Saturday night alone at home with a book! Well, we did some investigating, and we think we've got the answer - and wait'll you hear this!

Sources tell us that last Saturday, Britney went to Vegas and stayed just long enough to get some lipo done! But this wasn't some ordinary fat-sucking expedition; apparently Britney was spotted coming out of a clinic offering the (pardon the pun) hip new treatment LipoDissolve, which involves injecting areas where fat has built up with a soybean-derived solution which literally melts the fat right away without the need for surgery!

Britney Spears BSPEARSSTAIN040407_6.jpg

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