It's happened again!

A group of idiot surfers in Malibu are just begging for trouble 'cause they decided to smack down a few more paps today on the beach!

A group of paparazzi were confronted by some local Malibu surfers yesterday on the beach as they were shooting pictures of Matthew McConaughey. Things turned ugly and one photographer was beat down and his equipment thrown in the the water (see the video below).

And now, a similar incident has happened again, just hours ago. The same group of surfers, on the same beach, approached a group of photographers and were threatening them. As the photographers agreed to leave the beach and were heading back to their cars, the surfers again, attacked. This time more than $10,000 in equipment was smashed, and thrown into the water, and punches were thrown. At least one photographer is filing a police report and pressing charges.

X17 will have the exclusive video coming soon - stay tuned!!!

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