ambulance accident injury paparazzi
ambulance accident injury paparazzi

Last night at the Hotel Cafe in Hollywood, Lindsay Lohan's assistant, driving a BMW 650, smashed into a photographer as he pulled away from the curb.

The small music venue was packed with the likes of Lindsay and Adam Lambert celebrating the club's one-year anniversary with a performance by Chris Joyner and others.

The paps were crazed, trying to get shots of Lindsay as she seemed to be courting Mr. Lambert as her next BFF (now that Patrick's OUT!).

And when Linds jumped in her waiting car and her driver pealed out, there was, unfortunately, some collateral damage. Well-known photographer Koko was thrown to the ground when Lindsay's car made contact with his body and he injured his hand and wrist.

The EMT were called and Koko was treated on the scene. The driver didn't stop, didn't turn around, but hit-and-ran. It is believed the photographer filed a police report with the LAPD West Traffic Division who were called to the scene.

We're awaiting more details and will bring them to you shortly along with the pix and video of Lindsay and Adam Lambert!