Megan Fox appears on The Ellen DeGeneres Show today, and the 27-year-old starlet chats all about her family and her upcoming flick, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. But what happens when you mix work with being a few months pregnant? Lucky for us, Megan explains!

Megan tells Ellen, “I got pregnant with Bodhi two weeks into filming Ninja Turtles, which is an action movie and requires a lot of running and jumping and stunts and so I spent the entire…anyone that’s been pregnant know your first trimester can be pretty rough and you’re nauseous all day long. So I spent the whole shoot basically, the producers would come see me in the morning in the makeup trailer and I would be clinging to a box of saltines and we had, we kept pickles in the refrigerator for me and I was just constantly on the verge of vomiting."

Before that Megan showed off the adooooorable photos above of her sons Noah, 19 months, and Bodhi, 2 months and she revealed that Bodhi wasn't planned and neither was Noah. "I mean, we can't let Brian near me anymore," she joked.